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  1. Thank you so much for your indepth reply! The wood weighs 3.4 lbs per board ft. Total weight 8 lbs. 2 oz. I got it in South Florida. It belonged to a client whose kitchen we remodeled and she decided to get a new one which was made to perfectly span and partially set into her sink. I'm a wood worker but only marginally so from the manufacturing side. I'll build you an amazing 12 piece crown molding build up fit for the queen but I've never made a cuttingboard. I see no signs that this board is laminated together from smaller widths. I can't find any seams. So I suppose I'll scrub it well with a stiff Scotch Brite pad to start and reoil it. l'll try to remember to post a picture if it comes out any different than it looks now! Thanks again, Eric
  2. A grand old cuttingboard has come into our possession and we want to use it but are not sure how to clean or treat it. It appears to have some type of finish on it however, that might simply be old oil. It appears to to have been used (cut upon) right over the old finish as I can tell that from looking at the wear pattern. We have an island countertop that is a butcher block and we use oil provided by a company called Spekva on it I'm going to attempt to add some photos. Also, if anyone can advise me as to what specie would this is that would also be wonderful! Thank you!
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