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  1. Im trying to make a caramel sauce to use in warm drinks at my cafe. Ive so far used our same recipe from our dipped caramel (sugar/agave syrup/cream/butter), just cooking to a lower temp (225°), but it has been crystallizing and not remaining very "flowy." It is stored in the fridge to help with shelf life, with some brought out each day into a squeeze bottle to use. It doesnt terribly mattter that it crystallizes, as it's being whisked into warm drinks, but id love suggestions/tips/recipes for how to keep it smooth and saucy (also for alternate use in bonbons) and not crystalline.
  2. Well I made my attempt. And im pretty darn proud of the results actually! Thanks for the tips!
  3. Ok, how are the chocolates made, often tool shaped, that have a rusty looking finish? covered in cocoa powder after moulding? Something done prior to moulding? Untempered chocolate? Other ideas?
  4. Haha yeah I don’t have a grease trap, but have an annual plumber visit… currently we use scrapers and just scrape all the built up stuff off, and only hot wash if the molds got scuffy or if there have been allergens used in them. It just takes sooooo long to scrape it all off I was hoping someone had an idea I hadn’t thought of yet.
  5. Having a huge pile up of molds needing to be scraped is one of the dreaded things in this kitchen. Has anyone come up with a more efficient or quick method to removing hardened chocolate from polycarbonate molds (or even the cheapies)?
  6. Lord knows I’ve got those around lol. question for your dextrose recipe. Is the full 2200 g added to the water, or is 150g dry charge set aside first and 2050g added to the water?
  7. Got some dextrose. Hoping to try it today! 🤞
  8. Thanks Kerry, this recipe might prove helpful! Wondering what the purpose of dextrose is, instead of regular cane sugar which is what I primarily work with. Any thoughts?
  9. For my next querie- this youtube video of candy coated chocolate eggs. What temp/stage do you think she's cooked her sugar solution to?
  10. I don't actually use a cooling tool either...😬 I guess the chocolate build-up might be my sacrifice for not using heating/cooling. What temp melted chocolate do you recommend?
  11. Those results sounds impeccable. I didnt realise heating the outside was necessary.. A heat gun? Any good tutorial videos you could point me to? So if the drum is warm and the centres are cold that would be a good first step? I thought maybe my batch sizes were too small and the chocolate i was pouring in was just making more contact with the drum because there were enough "fillers." Also, do you use tempered or untempered chocolate? Ive been using tempered, maybe that is contributing to build up.
  12. Hello panners! Have acquired my kitchenaid panning attachment and having fun! Finding what seems like an awful lot of chocolate is ending up stuck to the drum by the end of a batch. Is this normal or is there a way to reduce waste while panning? Thank you!
  13. I came across the simmer in the can recipe for dulce de leche, and cooked some up- yum! Wasn't sure if the moisture content was suitable for inside a chocolate, so I added chocolate to make a ganache, but it ended up quite stiff and not as flavourful. Question 1: Can i pipe it as is into chocolate shells and it'll keep well enough or is the water content too high? Question 2: Can I simmer cans and then keep them on the shelf or in the fridge for future use?
  14. Thanks Haley, I will be trying Kerry's suggestion first and then if it doesnt work, tempering is next! I was really hoping for the reliable convenience factor. I'd so love to dial it in!
  15. Amazing! So how has your process changed? have you stopped using other machines/tools in favour of the tempering machine? Do you use it for dipping, or just molding?
  16. Which Selmi model did you get @pastrygirl?? are you loving it?
  17. Thanks Kerry, I will try melting it to that temp and cooling before trying again. Is the little black plug meant to be in or out during operation or does it matter?
  18. Hello! after reading everyone's glowing reviews I finally ordered an EZtemper, and though I am still very excited, I haven't yet dialed it in and was hoping for some guidance. I've tried a couple different cocoa butters, one from a local distributor, and the other Belcolade pellets from Chococolat-Chocolat. I realise they may have different set point sweet spots. To focus on the Belcolade pelllets, at this point I have my EZ as low as 33.1, and the silk is very melted (pourable even), but yet grainy, and doesn't seem to be doing the trick of tempering. I've tried melting/cooling/remelting and also ensured my fan is on 🤦‍♀️ (thank you @Kerry Beal). I was expecting a smooth, frosting-like consistency. Am I looking for the wrong consistency? -Does anyone use this Belcolade cocoa butter? What set point are you using? -Should I continue trying lower set points 33.1? -Does anyone use grainy silk sucessfully? -Should the little black hole in the top of the unit be plugged?? is this my issue? ahhhhhh help!
  19. I was trying to be mindful of energy use and avoid extra heat production during summer. I would hope they are fairly efficient though. Max temp is 155. Melters have more precise temperature control correct? I did find it almost redundant that then I had to use my tempering machine for temperature control after melting. I was just trying to experiment with my new eztemper silk. Love to hear your full process Jim.
  20. Wondering about using a dehydrator to premelt chocolate overnight for me to temper in the morning. Any suggestions of temperature to set and timing required? I figured I would have chocolate in bowl inside dehydrator, set to desired temp, and plugged into a timer to come on with enough lead time to be melted when I arrive. Suggestions?
  21. Hello! Is there such thing as a machine that you can dump a hunk of ganache into and it will pop out individual portioned balls or chunks? As opposed to a depositor for more liquid ganache, looking for a doser of sorts for firm ganache to then be dipped. I thought this existed... am I imagining it?? We currently do a lot of hand scooping of set ganache with a very small ice cream style scooper. Looking for an upgrade. Thank you!
  22. Do you have a link for the chef rubber molds you're using? Thanks!
  23. Im just learning about guitar usage... What does the measurement on the base refer to? And there are cutting frames- are the measurements there regarding the spacing between the strings or can you change that yourself when youd like?
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