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  1. I could be totally wrong, but I don't think that Belgians are usually lumped into the "brown" ale category.

    I thought that was usually where the traditional british "milds" were. I believe the definition of such is an ale that is lightly hopped (thus "mild"). It is usually low alcohol and most often brown in colour.

    Shrug... Correct me if I'm mistaken.

    Classic examples would include:

    Samuel Smith's Nut Brown

    Newcastle Brown

    Victory Milltown Mild

    Wychwood Hobgoblin


  2. Just as a plug... before you buy the doserless Rocky (a very nice grinder by the way), you might want to look at the Mazzer Mini as well. It's very fast, incredibly consistent, and its fine adjustment potential is pretty damn amazing. I know it's not doserless, and I have to admit that I see this as an obvious failing. I'm hoping they'll come out with a doserless Mini. But it was an easy choice for me to upgrade from a Rocky to this - and even a doserless Rocky would not tempt me away.

  3. Perhaps a simple answer?

    No... calling yourself "Chef" does not make you a Chef -- but if those who work for you call you "Chef" you are, in fact, a Chef.

    Shrug -- might work for me. Inclusive, implies respect and skill as well as management and responsibility. What do y'all think? Too simple?

  4. Even Bobby Flay?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Bobby Flay have two restaurants in New York?  Would that not make him a chef?  If he's not a chef, why not?

    Did you see that idiotic display on Iron Chef?

    Even copious quantities of drugs would not excuse or explain that behavior. Pure Hollywood and thus... no Chef for you.

  5. Ouch.

    I feel his pain. Sadly, quite literally. I'm about 48 hours in on a similar bad experience myself right now.

    My usual (see below) method consists of drinking a pint of gatorade followed by a pint of water (in sips, not at once) and repeating for about the first 12 hours. I then introduce saltines. Once I can keep saltines down I start drinking mint tea and having cups of warm chicken broth (with saltines). I know I'm ready to eat real food when suddenly I find craving any and all food. I try to stay away from dairy, highly acid food, spicy foods and anything with a whole lot of fiber for a couple days.

    Make sure you do the "skin pinch test" periodically to make sure he's not dehydrated (I was told that kidney problems are the big concern for food poisoning or stomach flu).

    I suppose as a downside of my "adventurous" eating habits I've become all to experienced with these problems. Suffice it to say that I've become somewhat of an expert patient for most forms of "food poisoning" as well as some parasites.

  6. I've only eaten at a few of these restaurants, but I'll at least comment on them (for what it's worth).

    Dal Pescatore - Personally I thought this was the best 'haute' meal I had in Italy. Wonderful food, very polished, inventive and with great execution.

    Antica Osteria del Teatro - I had a very good meal here, though, to be honest, I was not overwhelmed. I felt as if it were honest tradescraft rather than art.

    Enoteca Pinchiorri - I was not impressed. Gorgeous room, incredible wine list, over-priced and somewhat pedestrian food and often surly service.

    La Tenda Rossa - This is a hard one for me. I've eaten here twice and both times I had incredible meals, but both times there were extenuating circumstances that may have coloured the experience (once, an important and memorable anniversary surprise and the other one of the best wines of my life).

  7. Rancilio Silvia

    Mazzer Mini grinder

    Lava Deluxe Tamper (in green)

    I run a two stage water filtration/softener set-up that is cartridge based (also has the benefit of giving me tasty tap water).

    I swapped out the baskets from the Silvia for commercial baskets from work (I think they're from an older La Marzocchi). The Silvia baskets seem a bit small, but most of all are easy to dent and ding which results in a failed seal.

    I switch back and forth between brewing with Uncommon Grounds Molta Roba and Thomas Carra Espresso.

    Shrug... I'm a fanatic. What can I say?

  8. Granted I'm not in the business, but with the meteoric rise of culinary fascination, I'd think that a culinary degree will only become increasingly important in the restaurant world.

    What a horrifying idea. If you are correct, we can assume that before long we'll see thousands of uninspired, cookie-cutter menus and robotic chefs.

    Not: Of course, this is a generalization of immense order -- there are cooking schools that don't just turn out hotel restaurant cooks, wealthy brazilian trophy wives and over-qualified prep cooks just as there are individuals who go through the mill and retain creativity and a willingness to take chances.

  9. If I, as an employer, suspect that an employee might be doing drugs--either in the workplace--or in off hours (to the detriment of work performance), should I  be permitted to demand a drug test?

    If they're f*cking up at work and not pulling their weight -- does it matter what the cause is? One warning and then out the back door I'd say.

  10. I feel that those of you who have claimed that the drug use is ok " as long as it does not affect their job performance"  are looking at the small picture...the guy who parties too hard after every  shift is sleeping until 1/2 hour before his  next shift begins, not spending any time with his wife or his kid or his mother or his hobby or his bills or his gym or his dog....the ramifications extend into his personal life, which will then loop back around to affect his professional life.

    We had a thread on what determines a chef from a cook..CWS declared it was passion and paying your dues. I said a component was leadership..and this thread illustrates my position pretty well,  I think.

    So... what you're saying is that the opinion that drug use is OK if you don't let it affect your work is silly because drug use will affect your work?

    Perhaps it's just the flu, but I see some logic weakness in this.

  11. Actually, oddly enough I just swapped cutting with a friend and am rooting some Pineapple Sage right now!

    Her's makes it through the winter here -- I'm hoping it will be equally hardy for me and won't end up being an annual.

    I love the scent of it - and have used it often in the past added right at the end of cooking or have bruised it and used it to garnish.

  12. What we have in this country and will continue to be for many more years the most free thinking society on this planet (now im not saying its perfect).

    Are you serious?

    "free thinking"?!?!

    I wouldn't describe the US as "free thinking" much less the most "free thinking" society.

    Go to Canada.

    Go to Holland.

    Go to one of a dozen countries where differences are tolerated and even celebrated and where change is accepted and even embraced. Go to one of a dozen countries where Ashcroft would be described as a lunatic nut job fascist.

  13. Regardless of the vegetarian issue...

    You have a high-profile celebrity employer and one of his senior people dies under suspicious circumstances that seem to be related to drugs.

    Combine this with what we've learned today vis a vis the paternal employment system and policies in the UK.

    And throw in a heaping handful of grief, loss, guilt and other strong emotions...

    I feel bad for the guy. It can't be a good situation.

  14. Malachi, wonderful.  Sage and cherries, will have to try.  Once made a rabbit braise with coffee, sage, demiglace, others - sage is an awesome herb.

    And Allagash white is a great beer.  Have you tried Ommegang's offerings?  160 acre brewery in god's lap isn't bad...

    One of the really nice things about living in the high desert is that we get year-round fresh sage. I think we have 4 varieties in our yard.

    I like the sage/cherry combo -- especially in this case. It worked really well with the Pancetta and Salmon.

    I have tried the Ommegang stuff. Hennepin is an excellent beer - something I'd like to have around much of the time. In general, however, I kind of prefer the Allagash beers. Their tripel is perhaps the best American tripel and their Gran Cru (while not technically a true Gran Cru) is very tasty as well. The Allagash White is super nice - it has replaced Celis as my favorite US wit (it's no Hoegarden but then again... what is?).

  15. Wild Salmon wrapped in Pancetta and pan-Roasted.

    Reduced fresh Cherry sauce (bitter cherries, bing cherries, brandy, demi-glace, fresh sage, green peppercorns).

    Mache with a light Mustard Vinaigrette with shaved radishes.

    Allagash White.

  16. Malachi and Spenser you wouldn't last five minutes in the UK in any job which required you to manage with any degree of skill and in any field where labour relations had become codified and agreed.  Stop giving it all the posturing mouth and start thinking about the issues outside of your own egos for five minutes. There's a lot of literature out there on leadership amd management. i suggest you avail yourselves of some of it.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but you might wish to read either my bio or (if that's too much work) my signature.

    Just because I once cooked and still believe that there is a system that works in the chaos of the kitchen, and just because I am opposed to regulating people's personal lives doesn't mean I've never "managed with any degree of skill." In fact, as most business managers are probably aware, progressing from entrepreneur to VC tends to require a certain degree of management success and skill. As for leadership and management literature that is available to me -- thanks, but as someone who used to write that drivel (see bio section on NY Times columnist) most of it is, at best, pedantic theorizing and/or macho chest-beating of a more intellectual (but no less shallow) nature.

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