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  1. I honestly just eat them right off the bat, never thought about using them in making desserts.
  2. Vanillalover1

    Dinner 2019

    oh sorry about that. a little bit of misunderstanding. I always use kahula to mix with the espresso and when you mention Tia Maria, I thought "what a minute, what would I use that for?" and Immediately thought maybe it's for the drinks? but oh well, at least I have a new recipe to try.
  3. Vanillalover1

    Dinner 2019

    thanks for the heads up, this is quite the eye opener. I never really pay attention to what type of ladyfingers I use but I'll be sure to use the hard italian one.☺️
  4. Ever had dried mangoes? that's a Filipino classic.
  5. Vanillalover1

    Dinner 2019

    Ooooh... a fine choice in liquor but I'm afraid that if I serve that to the guests with tiramisu, the coffee flavor might overwhelm them.....or not, might try that out for myself first. but thanks for the suggestions. honestly I forgot all about the cannolis, my cousin made those last christmas and I forgot to ask her how to make those..damn....but thank god for the internet I could contact her online and maybe I'll message this @Franci and ask about Italian dishes.
  6. Vanillalover1

    Dinner 2019

    Thanks for the recipe! that story about your ex is kinda hilarious, it gave me a chuckle. I'm planning an Italian themed dinner party next month, so far I already have an idea on what I should serve and I just added this Chicken Cacciatore to the menu, but for desserts.....I only know how to make Tiramisu and that's it. got any suggestions on Italian desserts?
  7. Vanillalover1

    Dinner 2019

    Can you tell how to make them? That sounds delicious!
  8. I watch AlmazanKitchen. His knife looks absolutely sick.
  9. Vanillalover1

    Dinner 2019

    There's nothing wrong with a little bit of consistency. Is what I always say.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion guys! it was very helpful.
  11. thanks! how about some Italian desserts? got any?
  12. mostly pasta and rice dishes . got any mouth watering Italian dish to try?
  13. In your guys opinion, what is the best Italian dish for dinner? Italian cuisine is one of my favorites
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