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  1. Another source for organic meats: http://www.ayrshirefarm.com/ They sell from the farm or through their butcher shop in Middleburg: Home Farm Stores 1 East Washington St, Middleburg, VA 20117 (540) 687-8882
  2. Sunnyside calls their beef "Virginia Kobe" -- half Black Angus, half Wagyu. Whatever it is, the burger was delicious. ← That's right .... now that you mention it I think I have seen that. Thanks for clarifying!
  3. Sorry if I was unclear - I was agreeing with you. It's good for what it is but it's not Kobe beef.
  4. What's even more confusing is that the Sunnyside taff will tell you that it's Wagyu beef. But then you go to Wegman's (and maybe even right behind Sunnyside's meat counter - I can't remember for sure) and it says "Kobe beef." I'm not quite sure how they can do that either. Because of living in Rappahannock all the "Kobe" steaks and meatloafs or whatever that I've eaten in the area are indeed Sunnyside's Wagyu as they distribute to every restaurant around (or did at least). So I'm sure there is a difference in taste and quality between the Kobe and Wagyu. But it's still a pretty damn good burger. I've yet to eat at Thornton River but I've heard nothing but good things about them. I'll get over there one of these nights ....
  5. This has always been my experience as well. I feel rather fortunate that I've always managed to avoid the tourist crowds. I've also only eaten in the dining room once and have never eaten at the front bar. I like the atmosphere and generally the better availability of seats in the corner and back bars. Old Ebbits was my first oyster experience and still my favorite. Kumomotos and Raspberry Points ... I have to quit talking about them ... the cravings are getting unbearable!!
  6. sextons


    Welcome! And thanks for the tip. I also got these tips from Chowhound a couple years back. Has anyone heard of or been to any of these? Strasbourg Hotel — Strasbourg, Va. Haag’s Hotel — Sharlesville, Pa. Ridgewood Barbecue — Johnson City, Tenn. I know this isn't great help but I used to eat at Hotel Strasburg about .... 13 years ago. It was good then (but I was also 17 at the time so...). They still serve the dish I loved which I believe was called Shenandoah Chicken - chicken breast in an apple cider reduction, stuffed with ham, apples and peanuts. This months Washintonian (not the most reliable source, I know) mentions Hotel Strasburg as a good place to eat in the Valley and specifically mentions this dish.
  7. This has to be one of my favorite spots in DC - only for the happy hour though. The oysters are almost always good (prior to my birthday a month ago it would have been ALWAYS but that night there were four bad oysters in the dozen - also my first experience with a bad oyster ....). But the happy hour prices are great, good bartenders ... Never knew it was part of Clydes until now.
  8. sextons


    In Harrisonburg you should try Luigi's pizza. Harrisonburg's about an hour from my house and I still drive there to satisfy my Luigi's cravings. Hand-tossed pizzas, endless list of toppings, great sauce, hippy/college town atmosphere, good beer selction. I also second the Southern Kitchen in New Market. I've hear good things about the BBQ place in Strasburg. I've never eaten there and can't remember the name of the place but there's a billboard for it on 81. Sorry, that's about it for that stretch - McD's, truck stops and Cracker Barrel abound ....
  9. If you do stop by Horton you can taste all 38 of their wines .... With 38 wines there are bound to be some you won't like but if you're a red wine drinker taste the Dionysus and the Mourvedre. Grey Ghost has great wines. If you have time you could stop by Farfelu, also in Rappahannock. It's a neat little winery, very friendly staff and good wines (The Inn just picked up their entire selection).
  10. sextons


    I've never tried their iced coffee but yes they do have it on the menu.
  11. sextons


    Well it was called Pho 75 but after visiting last week they've changed the number ... Pho 90 maybe? Either way it's right off of 29 in the shopping center with Chilis (or is it Chi Chi's? all the same to me!). Great pho - good lunch special of a summer or spring roll, regular bowl of beef/chicken/tofu pho, and a soda for something like $6.50. 11211 Lee Highway Suite A, Fairfax, VA (703) 691-3010 As I said, I went last Friday night which was an equally sticky hot summer day - so while pho and summer don't go hand in hand I definitely understand your craving!
  12. I second the vote for lunch at Barboursville's Palladio. My lunch was also fabulous. A two course meal paired with wine plus taxes and a 20% gratuity was $50. Nice atmosphere, delicious food, well paired wines. Also on the mall in C'ville we just had a great early dinner at Blue Light Grill. We had an oyster tasting and shared three appetizers (calamari, shrimp, and tuna rolls - which were excellent). I'm not sure if they're open for lunch (the bar was open when we arrived at 4pm and was serving food from the raw bar but the kitchen didn't open for dinner until 5:30).
  13. Unfortunately I've only eaten at the recently opened Manassas location so I have no basis with which to compare the quality of food in the new locations. I thought it was good though - can't say I was in awe or anything but for what it was I enjoyed it. I have to admit I am rather thrilled to hear that we're getting one in Warrenton. For those of you who know the restaurant scene in Warrenton I'm sure you understand my excitement .... I do enjoy Fosters' burgers though so once Five Guys opens I can do a taste test and determine whether Five Guys will truly be an addition to Warrenton. If I remember correctly though, Five Guys does not serve beer which immediately gives Fosters an advantage in my book ...
  14. In spite of the laws there are some Virginia restaurants that will allow you to bring in your own wine. Especially if you're a regular or it's a special occasion, quiet night, etc. I will never understand some of these ABC laws ...
  15. sextons


    I tried to eat at Cosi once (only get to DC every couple of months and usually go to the same places ... ) but I was so put off by the hostess we left. As we had never been there when we walked in it looked like an order-at-the-counter kind of joint. So we slowly started towards the counter when this woman runs up, swings her host stand around to block our route, and points to the sign hanging off of it "Please Wait to Be Seated." As I said, she swung the stand around, so it hadn't been at an angle for us to see the sign or note that it was indeed a hostess stand. I had scanned the menu outside and it just didn't seem worth it after that incident ....
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