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  1. Yes, I remember nightscotsman, but you said to leave it out over night and not to use the fridge. The problem is the room tempreture, the coming out of the fridge to a warm enviroment. I find the chocolates work better in winter and that is why. Thanks for your help Nightscotsman.
  2. Hi all, I have been reading this thread over and over and over, trying to see where I am going wrong. I have tried to temper the chocolate from 40ºC to 28ºC then to 30ºC, I took a text and it did not set after 5 min. Where did I go wrong. 15 minutes later the chocolate was still wet. Someone wrote about the ice method, I am tempted to try that. Someone also mentioned that tempering is not a monster, I think it is a very big monster. Hannah, I think we are in the same boat, everyone else is sailing away. The day that I can perfect this temper business, is the day I will throw a very big party.
  3. I can feel your pain hannah, I am going to attempt dipping and molding today, I will then give you a full report. Do you place your molds with chocolate in the freezer so that they can finish setting or do you leave them to set at room temperature?
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