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  1. Yes, I remember nightscotsman, but you said to leave it out over night and not to use the fridge. The problem is the room tempreture, the coming out of the fridge to a warm enviroment. I find the chocolates work better in winter and that is why. Thanks for your help Nightscotsman.
  2. Finally...someone has found my problem, I always finish setting my chocolates in the freezer and bring them out to a warm room temperature, that is why I find my chocolates full of sugar bloom. Thank you chocartist
  3. Thanks chocartist, you have been a great help. I read somewhere, that molded chocolate should set at room temperature and then placed in the fridge to finish setting, how true is that? How cold must the fridge be? If it is to cold, won't the chocolates crack?
  4. Maybe it is mamster, I bought a thermometer for my kitchen, I found the temp in the kitchen at 23ºC when I was working, it that hot? What about breezes, hot or cold, could that effect the chocolate while it is setting? Another thing, I got a good temper, within 5 minutes the chocolate set, my question is why did the remaining chocolate have small specks all over the top after it set?( I think it is call "bloom"). The truffles I dipped also had them, but not very noticable. Why does that happen, this has been my biggest problem for so long. Anyone PLEASE help.
  5. Hi all, I have been reading this thread over and over and over, trying to see where I am going wrong. I have tried to temper the chocolate from 40ºC to 28ºC then to 30ºC, I took a text and it did not set after 5 min. Where did I go wrong. 15 minutes later the chocolate was still wet. Someone wrote about the ice method, I am tempted to try that. Someone also mentioned that tempering is not a monster, I think it is a very big monster. Hannah, I think we are in the same boat, everyone else is sailing away. The day that I can perfect this temper business, is the day I will throw a very big party.
  6. I can feel your pain hannah, I am going to attempt dipping and molding today, I will then give you a full report. Do you place your molds with chocolate in the freezer so that they can finish setting or do you leave them to set at room temperature?
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