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  1. Sounds like my Dad going camping... also, canned corned beef sandwiches with chopped onion and miracle whip all mixed in... and corned beef hash in the pan with egges... apparently my dad is a big corned beef fan...
  2. Order of events: Smoke Pot ... get thirsty drink alcohol... get munchies.... eat Domino's (Food deliverd straight from Heaven) get thirsty... drink more alcohol... curl up on floor and rest... (a.k.a. Pass out) wake up drunk beyond belief and vomit... hence the lack of the 'munchie middle' When not high, Domino's is just pizza.... I'd like to address another issue..... Why is it, that a nice meal can be described in english as (lamb, green beans and potatoes) and it just sounds like Sunday dinner... but substitute in "Haricots verts" for green beans and it turns into something exclusive and labor intensive.... does this work the same if you say Petit Pois instead of peas?...... What am I missing?! are my 'skinny' green beans just boring until I start talking to them in french?...
  3. I'm curious, you've been driving on the interstate for 5 or 6 hours and decide you need gas. How do you "shop around?" Well, for one, I drive an SUV, so I rarely go 5 or 6 hours before needing gas! as for shopping around when getting off the interstate... well... most exits in populated areas have more than one gas station. I generally drive down the main row of gas stations and look at the prices, then take a side street and see if the little gas station around the corner has lower or higher prices. If they're higher, I go back the way I came and fill up at the cheapest place I found. For example, my vacation a couple weeks ago, I got off the interstate and there were 3 gas stations advertised on the exit sign. I drove to the first one, and the price was like $1.47 which was way high considering I had been buying at $1.29 for the majority of my vacation... so I passed them up, and went on to the next place where it was a little lower at $1.43 or something... then I went on to the 3rd place, and it was WaWa and they were at $1.32... wonder where I filled up??.... shopping around for gas... not difficult...
  4. Bravo! I am particularly interested in what the convicts suggested! Although I do take interstates over state routes most of the time, I do LOVE the mom and pop places. My trip 2 weeks ago brought me to Carl's Frozen Custard (See THIS link as critiqued by Holly) and right up the road on Princess Ann St. is the 2400 Diner who serves up a great steak and cheese with fries that were the crinkle cut grocery store kind, but fried perfectly, and not overly greasy! My ultimate fear is driving down the road where there are ONLY big chain restaurants with neon signs and standardized menus, and for some reason it's acceptable! Edit: Holly, hope you don't mind me using the link to your review of Carl's!
  5. Clean Facilities - Yes! I like clean facilities... however, when my eyeballs are floating, I can manage an interstate rest stop. I guess that's what those antibacterial wipes are all about these days. One Stop Shopping - I do not stop at those everythingallinoneplacegetithere places unless there is no other option for miles and I need to get gas and food immediately. Or I'm on a turnpike, and would have to pay a toll to get off and back on. Dining Choices - I tend to try and find a little local place near the gas station I find when I get off the interstate. I much prefer to find a little sit down diner where the locals eat for a 45 minute meal, than to go to a one stop place, get gas, get drinks for the road, find food, deal with cigarette smoke (no offense to smokers intended!) wait in line for the pimply faced teenager to check me out all on one ticket with the meal that has just been rewarmed in the microwave. YUCK! what's the point of vacation if you are all pissed off on the road trip getting to the final destination?! Low fuel prices - DUH! who doesn't shop around for low fuel prices??? Friendly staff - DUH DUH!! that's not to say I walk out of the pimply teenager places because the kid is having girlfirend anxiety, but every experience is better with friendly service. Recently had the pleasure of taking a 10 hour drive for vacation and stopped for meals at local places and was very pleased with my trip to my destination, my vacation, and my trip back home. I am however fortunate enough to be at the time in my life where I can take my time getting to my destination without any kids asking 'are we there yet?' and my boyfriend and I are rather careful with our food in the car, but if it spills, it spills! Just my long winded thoughts and opinions!
  6. Hot wings would have to be my favorite hot/spicy snack. I must say I don't just crave hot spicy foods often. These wasabi peas everyone is talking about sound good though... I might have to go pea hunting. ---- Appended After reading a different forum, I realized I have another spicy food favorite. My mom makes these 'beef rollups' she calls them where she takes a packet of that thinly sliced beef you usually use for chipped beef and gravy, and spreads a mixture of creamcheese, horseradish, red pepper, garlic and whatever spice strikes her fancy, then rols them up like an eggroll. Sometimes they're on the mild side, sometimes quite spicy... I imagine they'd be great with wasabi instead of horseradis as well.
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