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  1. SUCCESS! I've found a local source for guanciale! Panizzera Meat Co. in Valley Ford will be curing some in a few months. I've asked Ryan to set some aside for me; he'll probably do the same for you if you email him: panizzerameatco@gmail.com.
  2. I'm looking for guanciale, preferably in the Sonoma County area but am willing to travel a bit or order online if necessary. Any ideas?
  3. What's out there that replaces the wonderful but now defunct Living Cookbook recipe management software? My needs are simple: a huge database of ingredients, copy-and-paste import capability, logical organization, wildly flexible formatting capability, single-page printing and full-cookbook publishing capability, PDF export support, no ads, good support...well, basically everything LC15 did plus having iOS and Win 8.1/10 versions (and perhaps Mac and Android for the rest of the world), a fixed-price option (not a subscription), and of course I want a cherry on top: an Alexa skill so I can use it with my new Echo Show. Yes, I know I won't get all of this, but if you know of something that hits at least a few of these marks, I'd be very grateful for your suggestions.
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