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  1. Very funny post! I don't like the taste of Total because to me...it always tasted like "vitamins" and made me belch "vitaminy" tasting air. Ekkk!!
  2. Pickles


    Process a large chuck of liverwurst in the food processor with some fresh garlic cloves, and a splash of the BEST scotch you have lying around. Add some salt and pepper to taste and serve on plain crackers...like Carr's Water Biscuits. It'll blast your socks off. People are in awe of this "pate" and it takes 20 seconds to make. It "wows" guests who pop in. You can sashay into the kitchen after saying "Let me whip up an apetizer...I don't know WHAT I have, though!" :::::applying back of hand to forehead:::: ...and then come out with this! Just do NOT plan a romantic evening after eating this pate. Your breath stinks for days, but it's worth it. And it's really good if made a day or two ahead.
  3. I know what meshuganner means...never heard " meshuganner frum." What's that mean?
  4. I don't think it's been mentioned in this thread, but Julia triumphed over breast cancer, in addition to all the other fantastic and strong things she did. Did you know that she and Paul were in a horrible car accident the day before they were wed? And yet the ceremony went on...she with a bandage on her face, and her body (according to her) full of broken glass. I think the most touching thing I have read about Julia was when Paul died of coronary atery disease in 1994...at the age of 92, ironically. Julia was of course there when his ashes were scattered in the sea. They did not want religious services, neither subscribed to any church. "So long, old boy.." she said. And then it was reported that someone heard her whisper "Goodbye, sweetie..." I hope there were plenty of people at her memorial service. Does anyone know how many close relatives she has left? I know she had a sister, and I think, a brother as well?
  5. To cheer us up ever so slightly, and since Julia liked it: The Ackroyd Skit
  6. My second "Grandmother" has now passed. First Kate Hepburn...now Julia. I am so happy to have "known" her all my life...from childhood, to now. I, too, met her at a book signing--in Boston. I was so nervous and excited and when the time came, I called her "Mrs. Child." It just seemed more respectful somehow! I wore my new culinary school chef's jacket, and she wished me well. Then I asked her to sign a copy of "The French Chef" that I'd brought with me. My Mom's first cookbook. She was impressed at how worn it looked. In case I didn't get a chance to talk to her, I had also written her a card that expressed my heartfelt thanks at how many years of joy and education she'd given me, and I left it with her assistant after I said goodbye to her. Then...I went to the ladies' room at Copley Plaza and cried. For joy. I was so happy to have met her. A couple weeks later...a letter from Julia came. Thanking me for my card, and encouraging my move from corporate life to "food life." Like I said...she was like a part of me, and my family. My Dad just adored her. She'll never be dead to me. I just decided that.
  7. They may be thinking that savory/salty flavors and sweetness marry well together. This has been done since ancient times, and if you try it, you may like it. Start off slow this Thanksgiving and make thineself a sandwich of leftover turkey, stuffing, mayo and a bit of cranberry relish. Get back to me with your results.
  8. Oh where oh where is the thread with my baseball hat tirade. Ohhhhhhh....found that suckah!! Edited to add...the people wearing the tank tops are always the people who should NOT be wearing the tank tops. But I guess they assume "Yo...I'm a TANK...so I'll wear me a TANK TOP!"
  9. It's my experience that people always want something for nothing. One of my long term clients had me change her type of personal chef service and then balked at the price I wanted. I don't know how people expect me to take LESS money for giving MORE food. I end up taking money from my own pocket weekly to serve her...but she's such a good client, and so nice that I do it anyway. No more Ms. Nice Guy with new people though! Nuh-UHH!
  10. Expect nothing and you won't ever be disappointed.
  11. note to self: don't ever bring redfox flowers. After this, I ain't bringin' nobody no stinkin' flowers.....anyyyyy....mooooooore.
  12. For a three year old brat...yes.
  13. I certainly wouldn't eat opened, unwrapped food in those places....or any place for that matter...but to each his own, I suppose. Even taking wrapped merchandize "already open" is still STEALING. Like the little boy (about 3) this evening in Shop Rite who ran up to the green bean bin and grabbed two fistfuls and was running up to Mumsie while stuffing them in his fat little face. Not much different from adults stealing candy and grapes and snack sized chocolate bars.
  14. Hmmm...you mean I should be charged for something I haven't bought (let's do the reverse and I get charged for radicchio when I chose red cabbage) because some kid is going to get "in trouble?" How do they get into trouble? By learning something about being a cashier, which is their JOB...about the products they are ringing up...so they don't keep ripping people off? Maybe I am just reading your post wrong...
  15. The cafe/restaurant at The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston was always a nice treat. Haven't been there in years.
  16. Reminds me of a Simpsons ep where he ends up at some sort of picnic in hell. "There's PINEAPPLE in the coleslaw!! And ACCCKKKK!!!!....German potato salad!!! "
  17. Your fault. If someone is thoughtful enough to drop about $50 clams on a bouquet of roses for you, one STOPS what one is doing, and prepares the bouquet with care and attention. As well as appreciation. It takes less than 5 minutes to cut stems and plop in vase. Think of them as an appetizer someone brought that requires a bowl and a serving spoon or cheese knife. Hmmmm... Interesting that you didn't think about what I might have spent on ingredients that might have been at a critical point in preparation. I didn't think about your having "critical" points of preparation with your meal, because I just don't cook and entertain that way. When my guests are arriving, all my prep work is done so I can greet them properly. I don't like them hovering around me and saying hello and hugging etc. when I am doing anything "critical." Next time, why not anticipate a need for a full vase of water, and prep that along with all your expensive ingredients. Kill two birds with one stone.
  18. What do you call the useless piece of skin around a penis? A man! Unless he cooks for you, that is! (Just kiddin' guys....now...go make me steak, dammit and I want you barefoot!)
  19. Your fault. If someone is thoughtful enough to drop about $50 clams on a bouquet of roses for you, one STOPS what one is doing, and prepares the bouquet with care and attention. As well as appreciation. It takes less than 5 minutes to cut stems and plop in vase. Think of them as an appetizer someone brought that requires a bowl and a serving spoon or cheese knife.
  20. Wooo. I'd go with a beautiful cookbook that also teaches. Julia Child's The Way To Cook is a good one. It's certainly in that price range. You could also go with a pretty crystal relish dish for the table. A piece of Waterford or something in their own pattern and, if you know what it is.
  21. The Cover Being Discussed Actor perhaps, but I did try his wine, and it wasn't bad at all. He has to at least present a wine one could cook with, and he did just fine in my book for both drinking and cooking. I believe I tried his chardonnay. It's been some months, now. Also...Emeril is a party-boy. I know people who have been out on the town in Boston with him and he knows his alcohol. Don't be too quick to judge his knowledge of wine. He knows.
  22. Follow up to my own curiousity...I did manage to find a quiet time at Eckert and ask the pharmacist about the selling of Olive Oil in this packaging. He said some customers use it for ear-aches, and that's where they go to look for it. He didn't have any real comment/answer to why people just don't go buy some olive oil at the grocery store. But we came to the conclusion in this thread that some people really don't know from Olive Oil, and think of it as medicine more than as a cooking element.
  23. Pickles

    Chewing the Blubber!

    FRY WILLY Mix liquid ingredients in an above-ground pool. Place whale in pool and allow to marinate overnight. Remove whale from pool and roll in dry ingredients. Set whale aside for one hour. Thread whale on spit over hickory fire. Rotate slowly until charred. Remove whale from spit and wrap in sliced bacon. Boil marinade down to thick reduction and pour over whale. Wrap whale and foil in bacon. Bake in 350-degree oven for 3 hours or until steam emerges from blowhole. Serve with barbecue sauce and pico de gallo. Serves 2,000.
  24. I was thinking about my studies in culinary school last night and how different regions of Italy (and France etc.) use different fats in their cooking. Of course, this all came about from what was available in that area...olive oil vs. butter and lard, etc. What is your cooking fat of choice? I use EVOO almost always. I don't bake, so I never buy butter for myself. My clients (for those who don't know..I am a Personal Chef) chose butter and EVOO over margarine 6 to 1.
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