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  1. Yeah, I didn't add that part. Everything dry was at 120F and the cocoa butter was about 130F before I put it all together. It seemed to go in fine- the gunking up happened after it was in the melanger.
  2. Words to the wise... Inspired by Kerry's lovely fruit confection, I tried the same with blueberry powder. The results were outstanding- intense purple color, huge berry flavor. So I tried again, with cherry. I couldn't find cherry powder at a reasonable price, so I put freeze-dried cherries in my food processor and ground them to powder. I should have recognized what might be coming when that powder immediately turned lumpy... But I went ahead with my experiment, and about 30 minutes later had a melanger whose wheels were glued to the floor with sticky cherry goo... wel
  3. There's no water in it, and I treated it like I would regular sugar and had it in a 120F oven for an hour or so before adding it to the melanger. I've made the same recipe before several times with sugar with good results. I had it in the melanger about 12 hours, I think. I was wondering if more cocoa butter would help. I'll give it a whirl- thanks so much!
  4. I am trying to work on making some chocolates for my diabetic sister. As the sweetener, I used Swerve, an erythritol-based sweetener that supposedly behaves like sugar (and that my sister likes.) I added it to my standard milk chocolate recipe from Chocolate Alchemy- http://chocolatealchemy.com/recipes/dark-milk-chocolate-45 It came out of the melanger fine and set up OK. But, when I went to temper it, it would not melt! Even after an hour at 140F, it was about the consistency of peanut butter. Has anyone worked with Swerve and have any successful recipes? Or have any idea why it
  5. In case you are still on this journey Rigoberto's, in Milwaukie, which is just south of Portland, has them. The owners are from San Diego. http://rigobertotacoshop.com/menu As a side note- I lived in SD for 40 years and one of the only things I miss is the Mexican food! I loved Lucha Libre, especially the Champs booth with the masks. But what I really miss is all the mariscos places in Chula Vista...
  6. I love the idea of the fruit-powder white chocolate. Is it tempered at the same temps as regular white chocolate?
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