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  1. How is your situation now? Hope so the problem must have been resolved. How did you deal with it? When we shifted to our new home, we encountered that we have a roaches infestation all over our kitchen shelves and they have also entered in our food containers. We sprinkled some boric powder, sealed our drains and cleaned all over. The containers were also replaced with airtight boxes. But after a few days, when we again witnessed those creepy crawlers in our kitchen, we decided to call exterminator NJ for the help. They fixed all the entry points and also sprayed the area. The situation is much better after that. It's a happy and healthy home again!
  2. ClarenceGilbert

    Artificial Wine?

    Thanks for the link.
  3. Actually, my aunt is also facing the same issue. How did you deal with the birds?
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