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  1. Just passing by - since it's hard to add something worthy after previous comment. But I'd like to add that freshness of beans really matters a lot. I read once that oils start degrading right after the roasting, that's why the fresher the roast the better. That's not a gospel truth, though, and some coffee makers like to experiment older beans (up to 1/2 of a year). Thanks to weinoo for pointing it out. Don't forget that you'll need a proper storage for your beans as well. Vacuum sealed dark glass jar would be perfect - just don't left it under the sun. And another tip from a coffee enthusiast, try to document each step you made before you got a good cup of espresso. Bean type, origin, size of grounds, which water you used... That will help you to reproduce the whole process since, it's a chemistry after all. I love to mix Colombian with Guatemalan. My equipment is not the best, but it works fine for me. upd: and as a result I totally forgot to mention it! Breville BS810 for espresso machine and Baratza grinder.
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    Thanks for your warm welcoming, Smithy and Kim! I like to work with meat (I'm a carnivore at heart). Another passion of mine is baking, but I'm afraid that I haven't inherited my mother's talent. And mostly I cook alone. It might be sad, though I'm pretty happy that the kitchen is all mine and I can do whatever I want (following instructions, of course!). Yes, I'm an eater but isn't it a good reason to start cooking?
  3. kitchen_muse

    Newbie in the kitchen

    Hi! My name is Diana. Wanted to say thank you for letting me join and learn from you 😃 I've been stalking around for a while, and finally decided to sign up. Not a professional (at all), more like an amateur, but I found your forum quite interesting.