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  1. Metztli thank you for your time and response. Makes a lot of sense, this is certainly a way I could try to nail down the flavor profile, certainly should work. I figured perhaps there might be a good starting rule of thumb to follow with allowing ginger or even tea flavors to slowly infuse into the milk/cream over a period of time. I am thinking about other flavors as well as ginger. You point is great and certainly something I will try. If anyone else has any rules of thumb they follow, would be great to hear those as well. Thanks again!
  2. Hi... I know this thread is older, however I just came across it.. Caramels with Ginger sound amazing! I use the Maillard method and wonder if there is a "standard" rule of thumb regarding how much fresh grated ginger you would use per what number of OZ of milk/cream for making Ginger infused caramels? Any help would certainly be appreciated, glad I came across this today. Also how long do you infuse the ginger with the milk/cream? I realize this probably or does vary, any pointers would be appreciated more than I can express! Thank you folks!
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