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  1. @jackmash: Curious, which espresso machine/grinder combo do you have? There may be someone here that knows the machine, so may help to narrow down your parameters?
  2. This is probably the reason I haven't pulled the trigger yet on the bamix. There are some unfavorable reviews on Amazon and other sites regarding discoloration, and even peeling. Thinking about Dynamic MiniPro instead.. hmm.. decisions..
  3. Please don't make us wait a month. Purdy please. Inquiring minds want to know..
  4. iggiggiggy

    Breakfast! 2018

    Our daily breakfast. Starch is the usual CSO demi-baguette @75% hydration. I was half zZzZz, so almost forgot to score these before baking! Caffeine is a Bali Kintamani Natural cappuccino latest crop. Roasted the beans 3 days ago, 200F extraction temperature @ 7.75bars with a 3s ramp-up after pre-infusion. 25g beans for a 48g liquid yield. Topped the 6oz cup with steamed milk. I usually pull at 9bars, no ramping after pre-infusion, so quite surprised the 7.75bars makes a difference with this coffee: much sweeter, complex, less 'jackfruit'-y (as typical indo naturals go). Today's latte art is... a passable rosetta!! yaay.
  5. Turns out my wife doesn't want to share her hair dryer with a cut of filet mignon, so went to the toolbox, and did just that @JoNorvelleWalker: ended up doing that plus a heat gun for even faster results edit: forgot to mention, this is just to dry the surface before I sear-torch it on my lodge using the iwatani torch. super fast searing. I likes.
  6. Thanks for this @Toliver
  7. This. Yes and yes. An order for 'un Cafe' would get you an espresso there. Some shops can understand and make you an 'Americano', but why prolong the suffering?
  8. Completely agree w.r.t: Espresso! In my humble opinion, French, Italian, Viennese Roast, belong to the same family as https://www.kingsford.com/ Spain roast even darker? oh noo.. on the topic, this summer I recently visited a nano-roaster in Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia and check this out: they 'roast' their limited lot peaberries twice.. twice.. to get the 'shininess' they claim. The taste profile they're shooting for is 'Starbucks'... mercy mercy me... I prefer my espresso as SO (single origin, not significant other, oh no, I'm not that 'in love'), ranging from City+ to Full City+ the darkest. Never ever will I put shiny beans thru my grinder, they gum it up quite fast...
  9. iggiggiggy

    Dinner 2018

    An amazing and tasty spread, around the world and back in one dinner night, those times when you don't want to decide
  10. I noticed that most folks on the reddit sous vide channel use the same numbers, FWIW. So it must be working then
  11. The hair dryer is a novel idea! That should cut down on the amount of paper towels I usually use. ha ha ha Let me attempt the next one using your approach. It sounds good on paper, now time to put the hair dryer to it
  12. Please don't take this the wrong way, I have an acquaintance that lives in Paris, he is Italian, when we visited him years ago, he said this to me: "France has the best food, but crap coffee. If you want great coffee, go to Italy" I snickered at his comment for several reasons, but to me, although French coffee is drinkable, it certainly is roasted too 'dark' for my palate. Hey, it makes it taste consistent though, which is commercially a plus I guess? on the other hand, charbucks seems to roast their beans using a photon torpedo, which explains the cost and the taste. ..or maybe I'm just a coffee snob ha ha ha THAT SAID though, I noticed similar to @AlaMoi that most 'coffee' in Paris belongs in the espresso spectrum; even those from a Subway 'cafe' vending machine. So high possibility that it's the concentration/strength that the original poster @Orbit is tasting.
  13. waistlines can also be controlled by portioning and skipping meals you know that's how we maintain our weight while eating pizza every other day har har har har
  14. Urk.. searing can be hit or miss sometimes. To crust or not to crust? to butter-torch or skillet bla bla so many choices.. ha ha ha That older deckle thread seems to be more on a debacle on what to call the deckle--but a rose by any other name.. The ribeye cap is quite popular on the reddit sousvide channel, but please read these with a grain of salt; they have plenty of newcomers, but also some experienced folks: https://www.reddit.com/r/sousvide/search?q=ribeye cap&restrict_sr=1 You can scroll down to see what these folks has done, quite a range of different temps, but they seem to do it at ~57-58C for a longer period of time. I dunno--me and my wife like our prime ribeye caps prepped at 54, and not for long as well, so YMMV, and please let me know, interested in your results.
  15. Did 55.5 work for you? Thoughts compared to the other cuts?
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