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  1. Chocolate bar :), do you want to make this design yourself? I made a tutorial on instagram. www.instagram.com/nickkunstchocolates
  2. Some of my work from last months, posting weekly new recipes on my instagram feed. www.instagram.com/nickkunstchocolates
  3. Made some new bonbons and tried out new techniques @ www.instagram.com/nickkunstchocolates
  4. Instagram profile - Nickkunst
  5. Some of my latest work on my Instagram (Nickkunst) you can follow my work.
  6. It probably won’t work with cacao butter, especially with the airbrush kit you bought(compressor included). cacao butter is hard to spray especially with cheap stuff.
  7. Kerry... 35 is just not in temper so that is absolutely not the right temperature. its exactly the same temp as how you temper the Chocolate.
  8. I Made 10.000s of bonbons. heat to around 40 cool down(keep stirring) to 28,5 and heat to 30c and your good to go.
  9. Hello, i am looking to do the class of ksenia penkina https://www.kseniapenkina.com/products/entrylevel does anyone has experience with this? thanks!
  10. Hi peeps! hope somebody can help me. i am looking for a crunchy layer/cookie layer for in a bonbon. who can help me? much appreciate!
  11. Its our Own recipe, iT has 2 layers first layer with caramel and second layer is banana ganache.
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