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  1. One of the smartest things I ever did back when I has disposable income was order a dozen LL Bean canvas bags. All different colours. Black has "CLEANERS AND SOAPS" monogrammed on it. Green has "FRUIT AND VEGETABLES".  Yellow is "BREADS and EGGS".  Red is "Dairy".

    And then I have a boatload (no pun intended) of regular canvas bags.

    First, I shop backward. Heavy stuff first.

    Secondly, I set the bags in my trolley, open, pack right into the bag.

    When I get to the clerk, I send the heavy, unbaggable stuff through first and as that is going, I unpack each bag onto the belt, setting the empty bag down in FRONT of all the stuff.

    I love that Wegman's produce bags, the plastic ones, AND the labels, are biodegradable.

    Wow. I bow down to your superior organizational skills. That is truly genius. I am fortunate to shop at Caputos most of the time, where they can intelligently pack a box that is then reused at my house for recycling. When I do go to the chain store, if I remember my reusable bags and load the belt in the order things should be packed, I get pretty good results. It seems to be common enough to bring bags that they don't hesitate, but still new enough that they actually take time to think about what they are doing. I also agree Trader Joe's usually does a nice job.

  2. The couple next to us, who was brought inside, brought their baby in baby carriage, by the way, another "thing" some people don't like at dinner.

    Seriously?!?!?! This is what this discussion has come to? If you wanted your food to go, you should have asked for it. Nobody's a mnd reader. I've been curiously following this thread, but now I'm done.

  3. Our kitchen table collects crap out of thin air. Currently on the table:

    the rest of the groceries I bought today, the rest are put away or being cooked

    serving dishes for tomorrow's lunch ('m hosting a work committee)

    four glasses to go to the basement from the liquor cabinet reorganization

    a pig Christmas ornament, also headed to the basement from the liquor cabinet

    assorted mail

    the quilt squares I took shopping the other day to match fabric

    the camera case

    a basket that is supposed to hold all the crap that gets left on the table - HA

    part of the newspaper

    a vase destined for the basement

    the manual for my new stove that was delivered today :wub:




    usually my car keys, cell phone and bag, but not today

    Dinner should be in 20 minutes. Um, yeah.

  4. A group is just what I need. Time to google Nance Klehm; thanks for the tip Marmish.

    No problem. There's another group that meets further west. Naperville-ish maybe? My friend went once. If you are out that way, or would travel out there, I can ask her about it. College of DuPage has a horticulture program and lots of community programs. Might be another place to check.

  5. My friends and I have been making these forever. Mix the cream cheese, mayo and ranch together, spread on the bread, then top with sliced cucumber. No tossing or mixing of the cukes. Garnish with dill. You can slice the cukes ahead, I'm sure.

  6. I ordered Artisan bread in 5, too! I'll be seeing you over on that thread soon. I've been using the basic recipe that's everywhere online and have had good success so far. I'm looking forward to trying the other breads. I also ordered Greweling's book.

    For baking for family or for school, I usually head first to Baking From My Home to Yours. It's not really what you asked for, but there are so many good things in there. Everything turns out for me and there are some bake-to-impress type things for that audience.

  7. My test is for names is the phone test. Can you say it clearly without being sick of it when you answer the phone 50 bajillion times? Marshmallow Heaven just sounds happy. It doesn't smush together. It isn't too long or too short. It's a little sing-songy in a good way I think. Not sure it's the best name for your business, but it's a good start.

  8. As far as I know, I did. I've never heard/read it before but I have a solid track record of finding every "original" idea I have already done by 1000 other people when I search them on google so who knows. :biggrin:

    Good news! Google says it's all you!

  9. I learned about the conference one day after I'd made other plans that prevented


    So glad chocolate caused you to de-lurk. I noticed this was your first post. We are so honored :wub: You couldn't hang out with a nicer bunch of people.

    Melissa - Whoah! Fantastic job! Good point on the rectangular vs round bowl. I put some v large stainless bowls on my shopping list, but was considering the advantage of the rectangular. Hmm. May have to rethink. I have restrained myself from attempting anything until the weekend. I did pick up some chocolate at Trader Joe's and will be getting a hunk of 60% Callebaut from our librarian of all people! I'm working on getting her to come next year.

    John, thanks again for all your advice and pointers. So very helpful.

  10. Kerry, what was the chocolate you used for the port/cigar ones, too?  I meant to grab a couple pieces to bring home, but forgot since we had to scoot out early.

    Thanks, Mary!  I think it might have actually been one of the Matts who chose the pepper.  I liked it, and one of the guys I gave it to today really liked it.

    I used the Belcolade Papau New Guinea single origin. It already tastes quite tobacco like.

    Yes, it does. Very cool.

    edited to add gfron, so happy to see you post. We were wishing you had come so we could meet you. I always check out your stuff on the sweets thread.

  11. Steve:


    I'll be there, even if it's a last minute reservation :)

    I had a great time meeting everyone and learning. Brian (from Tomric) and Kerry were so helpful by talking about AND demonstrating techniques I've read about, but never seen done in person. Then, we were able to try these newly learned techniques - which is where I really understood them. There's no substitute for hands-on learning.

    Additionally, thanks to Steve, John DePaula, David J, Erica (and the rest of you who answered questions or let me look over your shoulder) for demonstrating and helping me with dipping techniques, splatter effect on chocolate molds, using caramel bars and a guitar (I absolutely want one now that I've used it!).

    To the group who made the raspberry - black pepper chocolates (Erica and Beth), you have my husband's undying love and affection.

    Kerry - ditto - with the port/cigar combination. He'd like to have these on his pillow tonight! Do you have a recipe for the port layer, as it wasn't in the info packet. I think this combination will be very successful with a local business or two.

    I can't wait to look through the pictures -

    I'll post it tonight when I get home from work.

    I'm in for next year - got a date yet Steve? Not to rush you or anything. Maybe we should be looking closer to May so there are less chances of 'storms on the east coast'.

    Kerry, what was the chocolate you used for the port/cigar ones, too? I meant to grab a couple pieces to bring home, but forgot since we had to scoot out early.

    Thanks, Mary! I think it might have actually been one of the Matts who chose the pepper. I liked it, and one of the guys I gave it to today really liked it.

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