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    Chai Tea

    How do you make your Chai Tea at home? Answer: I think majority of the Indian tea making procedure is common and is being driven from the ancient times. Still I will explain the step for you: Ratio: The ratio of milk & water which I find perfect for 200 ml cup of tea is is having 3/4 cup of milk & 1/4 of water (obviously you should add more water as we need to boil it) Boiling water: I start by keeping a normal steel vessel over gas with high flame & start the heating process till the water starts boiling, as soon as water starts boiling I lowers the flame Tea powder & Sugar: I put 1.5 tea spoons of tea powder & 1 tea spoon of sugar immediately & allows it to boil with the water thoroughly till the color of water becomes dark & a soothing fragrance of tea comes from it Milk: In the meanwhile of boiling water I also keep raw milk for boiling (I use cow milk) & stops after the milk starts pouring out Milk with Water: As soon as the water with tea powder & sugar is boiled thoroughly I mix milk in it. The boiling process is slowed also I keep the flame in lower power. As soon as the whole mixture starts boiling & comes out of the vessel, I stop the gas stove & pour the hot & fresh tea in a cup. What tea leaves do you use? Answer: Personally I like Darjeeling Tea very much & I use the same for daily purpose. Earlier I used to order teas from local tea store & the brand never mattered. But now I prefer online tea of premium brands.
  2. Hey, I think I can answer this as I am a hardcore tea lover, even worked as a quality analyst at one of the tea gardens in Easter tea Gardens of India. I am currently working in a corporate world, a typical 9 hours job (which makes caffeine a must to stay completely live & awake). Thus I have a different set of tea, one for weekdays & other for weekends. Weekdays: Early morning I drink a strong Tulsi tea (which I bought online). This helps me get energised and fresh immediately. After this the next cup of tea I consume is the evening tea which is delivered by the local tea vendor in our office. Weekends: Weekends I just have one cup if tea for the whole day. I prefer a premium Black CTC tea (again which I bought online from Goodricke Tea). While travelling I prefer to buy ready to drink tea cups which has really helped me a lot save time & energy finding perfect tea for me. I normally don't prefer to drink any beverage after 3 pm & would suggest every one to also not consume any beverage before 9 hours of going to bed. Thanks for your time
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