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  1. Lisa, I will have to look for this book and see if it presents anything that I haven't tried yet.' Thanks for the information.
  2. Hi Lisa, First let me say I was in Phoenix two years ago and did manage to get to the Mexican Restaurant that I've always liked and had a Green Chili Burro. The taste has not changed from what it was when I lived there, so I do not believe that the method of making them has changed to any great degree. I will try the recipe that you linked to and see if it would be what I am looking for after adding pork to it. I do have several recipes for green chili stew which I got from a couple of Mexican restaurants in Colorado when I worked there. While a great stew, it is not what I am looking for. Hi Mike, I do have several great Chili Verde recipes but they are not the same as a Green Chili Burro. Also, you can get Chili Verde at Mexican restaurants all across the US. By the way, the recipe you gave is not really a Chili Verde as it does not call for Tomatillos which are needed when making Chili Verde. Hi Katie, From Wikipedia; The word burrito means "Little Donkey" in Spanish, being the diminutive form of Burro, or "Donkey". So a Green Chili Burro would be made with a much larger flour tortilla then a burrito would use. As I explained to Mike above, Chili Verde and Green Chili Burro are two different things.
  3. I lived in Phoenix AZ a total of 24 years and during that time I found what the local restaurants call a Green Chili Burro. I have also lived and worked in 48 states and the only ones who have them is either in Arizona, Western New Mexico or Southern California. I am now retired in Northwest Washington State. I have searched the internet for recipes and have found that none of them taste the same. I have also written to many Mexican restaurants and either did not receive a reply or was told that they could not give out the recipe. I am now going around to blogs/forums dealing with Mexican foods hoping that someone would have the actual recipe from one of the restaurants. Its not like I am going trying to compete with them since I live along way from those areas and only wish to serve it in my own household.
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