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  1. Thank you @rotuts , @cdh , @nickrey and @weinoo for sharing your espresso making experiences. Do you guys mind sharing what beans you use to make the espresso? Do you always try to get new beans and grind it yourself? I heard even the age of beans play a crucial role in making a good espresso!
  2. Thank you for this awesome reply. It is true that every good coffee maker of today had a "bitter" past lol. I usually use one shot for my coffee (1 shot = 1 ounce). But, I am just experimenting these days to find the right formula. I guess what I am lacking is in the mixing department.
  3. I usually take 30 gms of coffee beans (ground) and a cup of water (200 ml) with a temperature of 90 degrees C to make my Espresso. But the thing is, the bitterness is so strong and the taste of the espresso is way off. I have experimented with different combinations. For example, I tried with 25, even 22 gms of coffee beans. But, I always missed out the ideal combo. I usually stir it for 20 seconds, not more. And, I use the frothing wand that is common in espresso machines to steam my milk. I don't know how long we are supposed to steam though. But, for me, it won't take more than 10 seconds. I don't know when I will be able to make an ideal espresso. Can someone please help?
  4. Hello guys, I am with my family, planning to visit Algonquin Park next weekend. We are a group of two adults and three kids. We are planning a small hiking along the trails of the Algonquin Park and a little fishing in the evening on a small canoe which we will be hiring once we get there. I heard, there are plenty of services providers in and around the park. So getting a canoe for rent won't be a problem I guess. We are hunting for a few fine dining places in Ontario. The one we found out while searching on the internet has some good reviews but, we like to know what you guys think about them and their service. I and my wife, we both are big foodies and, even our kids love to enjoy their meals. Since we will be away from home, we will need something that cheers up the occasion and gives us some great memories to cherish. This picnic comes after a very long time. So, if you can suggest me a few exceptional dining places in Ontario, we will be really thankful to you.
  5. Hello members, I am jack and I run a small recreation business in Ontario. Hiking, outdoor camping and angling are hobbies. Whenever I camp outdoor, I try to cook my meals myself. I can confidently say that I am an exceptional cook when it comes to seafood. I am really glad to be a part of this forum. I have to learn a lot from you guys and I am really looking forward to it.
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