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  1. Creamed chipped beef over white Wonder bread toast or Welsh rarebit (but call it Welsh rabbit)
  2. I am so glad chocartist mentioned those pre-molded shells! I've been wondering if anyone used those -- Eliseo Tonti introduced us to them, and I remember asking him if he didn't think it was "cheating" and wasn't it better -- more "artisanal" -- to hand roll everything. He gave me a pitying glance and said "Senora, that's a nice idea but it's just impossible -- you will never leave the lab if you roll everything by hand!" I rolled mushy truffle balls all morning because I was still resisiting those shells -- and what a piece of work this has been! In and out of the fridge every two seconds, two or three layers, ganache on the ceiling -- BAH! Tomorrow I am ordering truffle shells so I can concentrate on other things, like perfecting dipping technique and garnishing.
  3. Veni, vidi, temperus.... (I came, I saw, I tempered) Ta-dahhh! We have success! Both direct warming (with Elaine's step-by-step and new microwave) and seeding (Steve and Chefette), and with all types of chocolate. And it only took two days to figure out! Whew. I am now a dippin', moldin' fool. Thanks y'all!
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