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    Recipe apps

    Where do you get your recipes from? Anyone using any recipe apps to recommend? I usually get my ideas from pintrest and YouTube nowadays.
  2. I was gifted some wedding green tea from a brand called o'sulloc and finally tried some today. Super fragrant and delicious!
  3. ksong1189

    Recipe apps

    I absolutely love recipes from Epicurious! If I'm not watching a video off YouTube (usually for specific or new techniques because I'm a visual learner), I get my recipes off Epicurious. I have a lenovo smart display that sits on my kitchen counter so whenever I need some dinner ideas, I just ask it to pull up recipes from Epicurious or Bon Appetit and skim through the steps. Loads of inspiration I can get from these two websites. I tend to only let it read out the instructions to me when i'm trying out a new baking recipe. I don't like forgetting technical steps along the way so it's useful to have an 'audio assistant' leading the way. @kayb copy me that sounds cool. I'll be sure to check out...it looks great for meal planning in advance. Thanks! @gfweb yeah i agree, it's mostly for concepts/inspiration. Sometimes when I'm on Instagram I check out short videos from buzzfeed food/tasty for ideas. Quite nifty when I'm on the go or just trying to kill time.
  4. ksong1189

    Strange Pizza Toppings

    When I was in South Korea, they had potato and shrimp on a pizza with a sweet potato mousse crust. There's another with gorgonzola and condensed milk. Most of their pizzas tend to be on the sweet side? Kinda interesting but I'd prefer a more savoury flavor.
  5. ksong1189

    Ciorbe de fasole - Romanian bean soup

    Looks perfect for a dinner! I can't wait to try this recipe, thanks!