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  1. Update!! --- the sale is still going on at Amazon as of Sunday (11/24) at 11:15am EST ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Did anyone note the sale price on Modernist Cuisine today (maybe yesterday)? Amazon and Target dropped the set of tomes to $379!!! This price looks like it will change after today...so get it ASAP!!! https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/0982761007?pf_rd_p=183f5289-9dc0-416f-942e-e8f213ef368b&pf_rd_r=SRFCHFB5EFTGAA8AZHJX -or- https://www.target.com/p/modernist-cuisine-by-nathan-myhrvold-chris-young-maxime-bilet-hardcover/-/A-77279948
  2. I went with scallions due to time constraints. They held up well, and I only remember two skewers losing their onion. I do want to try this with Negi next time. Here are some pics of the "Negi" and the vegan Tare I served.
  3. eGullettiers, I am making Tare for 50+ Yakitori skewers, and I have two questions related to the use of Negi vs Scallions: What is the delta between Negi/Tokyo Onions, and Scallions/Green Onions in flavor/texture? Is it enough of a difference that I should I fret over the flavor of the Tare? Assuming I can't get Negi in time or if there is little taste difference, if a recipe is calling for Negi by the gram, do I need to adjust up or down for Scallions, or just apply them evenly to substitute? Geeky responses are welcome, I have two days to put the sauce together.
  4. Anna N, That is very direct, and I appreciate the honesty. Is there another classic compendium which deserves consideration?
  5. Good day eG peoples! I am going to purchase a copy of Larousse Gastronomique (English, because I cannot speak French as well as most French toddlers), and I am wondering which version you think is better and why? Let your opinions fly freely...hold nothing back!
  6. I would bet that Chef Puck and Chef Keller have had their influences in my cooking, but to date, I have not actually prepared any of their recipes first hand. The French Laundry Cookbook arrived at the house on Friday, and finally had the opportunity to crack it open yesterday...it's so damn gorgeous. So, the menu planning for a Keller immersion (sous vide pun intended) in the coming weeks is underway! What would you recommend as the 1st step into Chef Puck's work? Cheers, KJ
  7. I like marshmallows, and each has a different flavor and varying texture to me; homemade minis are relatively easy to make (see Bravetart)...Could you hold a blind taste test with some of your regulars? To marsh or not to marsh, and if to marsh...then which to marsh?
  8. Hi all! I am happy to have found eG, and I am excited to engage my curiosity and discuss all things food. I'm new in the pro kitchen, but my explorations are proceeded by a lifetime of cooking adventures dishes or family and friends...I simply outgrew what I could do at home and took the next step, an apprenticeship on Capitol Hill in DC. my skills burst forward, from there and my curiosity continues to grow. Friends advised me that eG is another opportunity for exposure to the I-mind of interested, engaged, and intellectual thought stream of kitchen professionals and enthusiasts, so I had to jump in. I am glad to have found this source and will do my best to keep up with the group. My influences are J.Kenji Lopez-Alt, David Chang, Gabrielle Hamilton, Grant Achatz, Deborah Madison, Marcella Hazan, Douglas Alexander, Michael Ruhlman, Samin Nosrat, Stella Parks, and Julia Child. Have a fantastic day in the kitchen, Kate "KJ" Phillips
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