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  1. Looks great, don't forget to have a timer of about 5 secs delay to counter any movement from pushing the phone screen for taking the picture!
  2. Having some fun with pastel colors while being creative. No filters or effects, natural light with light box and mirror
  3. Cheap little stand can help make a huge difference, given the stability to allow for correct focus with no movement. Good luck woth your work day!
  4. Interesting, try afternoon sun about 3pm and turn off HDR on your camera if it has it, this will help bring out the details more. Even try using raw or professional modes! Did you have a camera stand?
  5. They look so lovely! What camera are you using? Was it late afternoon sun?
  6. This was natural light, no filters, no effects. The base is a mirror. Funny thing was that this piece was my favorite but got crushed by a falling plate, only managed to get one photo before disaster. 🤣
  7. Hahha so true, I can see that too!! It was really difficult to find an angle with no reflection and yet show the details in the design!
  8. Good day, I had a chance to do another batch of chocolate today with that technique that I've been working on. Here's a shot, these are solar flares, no filters, no effects only light boxes and my phone. ☺
  9. It's a work in progress and I do teacher classes but for the minimalist home hobby cooks/chefs maybe in the never future. All my work is handmade at home with the most basic equipment, i think most would be surprised, thank you so much!
  10. Just got it this week it's a little light box with leds strips. For shine, leds combined with natural light are best and of course correct cocoa butter tempering is essential too.
  11. Oh as advice, anything! Color, shapes etc.
  12. Here's another test shot from today! Hope you all like it and any advice would be great!! Thank you kindly.
  13. Yes, i know his style too! I actually tagged him on my Instagram post and a few hours later he posted some picks of his technique says to apply for a internship if people want to learn! My technique is different!!
  14. Actually I have a batch that i was doing testing on forgive the photo image quality as thisbis just with my phone, bad lighting etc. These are not filled it was just experimenting! Hope it passes!
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