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  1. I do have loads of ploycarbonate molds I have been ordering on an almost monthly basis that I use all the time. I was just saying that these ones tend to come handy aswell. Especially when the person is not really worried about shine that much. Or art work on bonbons.
  2. This mold is useful like when friends at work have been asking for chocolate treats. They love my chocolates. They are not that bothered with the shiny finish for them that is a bonus. They love the taste of my chocllates. So these molds help on this case. They finished the whole lot the other days 2 molds worth 4 friends. So yes the polycarbonate is great but these ones come very handy too. Like on Wednesday night we have a dinner a firned is organising. These and the polycarbonate and the silicone mold will be handy. I have prepared 2 polycarbonate molds with masking tape I need to air brus
  3. Thanks for that we have IKEA not that far away I can may be pop in an get it.
  4. I use them for solid and filled. I could not find these in any other shop that is why I was wondering where they came from even online I haven't seen them. Until my son pointed out it was IKEA
  5. No rajala we can see the design is actually a chocolate mold. I can't remember buying it may be my daughter bought it and gave to me
  6. No it is plastic. When I said softish I was trying to say not as hard as the polycarbonate. It is soft a bit like the inside of a chocolate box. The plastic part but harder
  7. After I posted this my son was able to read IKEA on the mold. Guess I need to wear my glasses more often
  8. I have had this mold for while now I think some one gave it to me I can't remember how I got it. Does any one know where I can find this. It is a softish plastic. This is very nice for making 🍫 chocolate for friends and even for home.
  9. I have noticed that most of the culinary courses i have done, when the chef gives the recipe it is not the run of the mill ingredients. there is always some of the things that is not readily available on the market. sometimes i use what is available or just pass the recipe altogether. They have custard powder itself on the market.
  10. I think I have actually found out why most of these big chefs and these schools don't teach and encourage students to make their own couverture although there is nothing wrong with this making your own . The students should be taught from scratch and not using ready made couverture that a big company has already made. Most of these big schools of pattieserie and chocolate making are sponsored by these callebaut and cacaobarry(I have nothing against these big companies) I am just asking why they don't teach the conventional way. You see on their outfits the chefs have their name and these big
  11. Soccer ball bonbon with Coffee filling in white chocolate. Beacuse i am not much of a fan of white chocolate i covered it with dark choclate
  12. Arab oud perfume bottle chocolate. This is a test of how it would look like, made in a homemade gelatine / glycerin mold
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