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  1. Not sure if it auto-updates on a schedule (probably?), but in my case I initiated it from the app. You can see the firmware status in the "more" section at the very bottom under "general".
  2. New firmware update with some worthwhile enhancements: Oven displays minutes and seconds when the timer is under 1 hour. Improved low-temperature stability for proofing Reduced flicker of oven light when Top + Rear heaters are selected When starting a Sous Vide Mode cook from the App with the fan set to Off, the fan will run during preheating. Improved Wi-Fi pairing and connection reliability. Other bug fixes and improvements.
  3. I had a cracked tank, haha. 👋 Overall my assessment of the APO is that there are a ton of little annoyances & defects (like the warping pans, flickering lights, cracked tanks, spotty Wi-Fi pairing, clunky app) but if you're willing to live with those, it gives you unprecedented precision and control in your baking. I personally love mine and use it for almost everything. (It won't make a quick, hard toast like a traditional toaster oven, but the toast it makes is pretty nice. It has replaced our toaster, but I could see someone wanting both.)
  4. Anyone else experiencing signs of warping on their water reservoir? I had one tank replaced, and I fear my second tank is developing signs of warping/cracking as well. It’s mainly in the front left upper corner of the tank. 😕
  5. @JasonsCookingAdventures thank you for all of the documentation and your early notes! Apologies if it’s been mentioned, but is there a perforated pan pan people recommend that is the right size for the oven? I have a pre-order in for the 10/12 batch and so it’s great to hear everyone’s thoughts before then - not a lot of information available (or any) from reviewers at this point.
  6. ✋ Curious about toast over here, since this will most likely be a replacement for the CSO-300 for us.
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