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  1. The worst candy ever made are those terrible easter egg things. I don't remember what they're called, but the centers are some kind of very stiff meringue like substance, and the outside is a thick layer of smooth, shiny insipid sugar. They used to come in pastel colors, and they are just so vile.
  2. Yeah, I have eaten yogurt many weeks past its 'best by' date, months, even, as long as it looks/smells okay, and never had any problems. Ditto cottage cheese, actually. In my experience, cultured dairy products last way longer than the dates would indicate.
  3. Miriravan

    Dinner 2020

    @Kim Shook, I am very sorry for your loss.
  4. Miriravan

    Dinner 2020

    Oh, wow @liamsaunt! I could eat that whole plate of bread all by myself. It looks so good!
  5. That looks beautiful. I always buy the thickest asparagus I can find, because I find it roasts nicely (pretty much the only way I cook it) and has a much better texture than the scrawny ones.
  6. I have so. much. ice. cream. in my freezer. So much. And more cheese in my refrigerator than is seemly for a single person. And while I don't know that it fits the 'comfort food' definition in the sense that's meant here, I have a few items that I am weirdly anxiety-stricken if I run out of: onions, canned tomatoes, butter, dill pickles, cottage cheese. It's like a switch flips if I don't have those things in my pantry/refrigerator, whether I have any actual current need or plan for them or not. In general, I make sure I don't run out, though the onion thing sometimes is complicated by the weird phenomenon of onions that seem fine on the outside, but then have one or more rotten layers when cut into. But all is well now, as one of my local bakery/cafes is delivering some grocery/pantry items as well as (delicious) prepared food, and they were happy to send me some onions.
  7. I quite like the whole foaming dish soap thing, and find it hilarious how there is a dire warning on the dawn foamer bottle about how you really must only refill it with the special dawn foaming soap, when it's perfectly obvious that said special foaming soap is regular old soap diluted with about 3 parts water. I just use whatever dishsoap I happen to have and keep refilling the bottle and it's worked fine for many, many months.
  8. I like ketchup, but not on eggs or, as my cousins in my youth horrified me by eating, on macaroni and cheese. (Even worse, the macaroni and cheese--Kraft--was leftover that had been refrigerated overnight and then fried in butter. In case you should wonder, this does very little good for a food that is really not that good to begin with, and I say this as a woman who still loves that cheesy salty neon saucy delicousness). Ketchup is for various permutations of meat and potatoes, often mixed with mayo and mustard (or sometimes ranch) to dip fries and fishsticks in (add relish and it substitutes for tartar sauce), slathered on crispy hashbrowns or corned beef hash, squirted on hotdogs, hamburgers, meatloaf, and that ilk. I mostly use Best Foods (Hellman's east of the Rockies!) for all mayonnaise-type dressing applications (including potato salad, which does also include yellow mustard--just made a batch today, and it's delicious, if I do say so myself) but I retain a secret love of Miracle Whip from childhood when, I kid you not, I used to sneak into my dad's kitchen at night and eat it out of the jar. With a spoon.
  9. Took out a chub of hot chicken Italian sausage and a bag of mixed vegetables to make shepherd's pie with (delicious topped with mashed butternut squash instead of potatoes). Put in a bag of blueberries and a pint of Ben and Jerry's. So, pretty much a wash, I guess.
  10. It does, indeed, Anna N! Mostly, I am pleased that I have so far not stuck anything new in either freezer.
  11. Pulled a little ribeye out of my freezer for last night's dinner. This whole project is kind of slow, since there's only me to feed here, but I shall persevere!
  12. Miriravan


    Huh. My favorite local coffee shop does a version of these, but savory. Two versions, actually. One is called a bodi roll (no, I've no idea why, or even if that's the correct spelling) but they are that shape, with the lovely laminated texture of a croissant, with a ribbon of pepper jack cheese baked in. And the other is the same dough, only filled with cream cheese and then sprinkled with everything seasoning (and called, appropriately enough, an everything roll). I am mildly addicted to the first version, especially when slightly warmed.
  13. Tonight's dinner is kind of tangentially associated with this challenge, in that I am using this bag of ham hocks that say 'use or freeze by 01/13/19' to make bean soup with rather than stuffing them in the freezer!
  14. Oh, thanks for the response, heidhi! I am in Corvallis, OR. And these beans do look like a lot like the Pinquitos, though darker. I cooked them up with an onion and a bay leaf, and they are a nice, firm bean, nothing extraordinary (though in fairness, they’re pretty old) but good, with a decent bean-liquor. I shall use them in a soup or a chili-ish something, I think.
  15. Miriravan

    Breakfast 2019

    Oh, that sounds fabulous.
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