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  1. As a time-saver, I use jarred minced, garlic that's packed in oil. I've had the other stuff that's in a thin preservative (non-oil) liquid. That stuff does seem pickled or brined. The oil-garlic is pretty decent. My first choice is always fresh, but sometimes you just don't have enough time...
  2. Hi All, I'm happy to be here. I love food! Cooking and eating it. I'm not a chef, but have worked in a restaurant (Italian) as a teenager. I was a pizza maker for 5 years. I also owned a bar/restaurant, and did most of the cooking there. Granted, it was mostly bar food, but hey...food is food. I love barbecuing too (on charcoal, mostly). For sure I will be asking for the expertise of the folks here. By the same token, I will share my own knowledge wherever I can. Cheers everyone!