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  1. McMuffy

    Happy Discovery!

    This was my best attempt yet. The crumb isn't as open as I would like, but the taste and crust are spot on. I may have to pick your brain one day because I really want achieve to perfect sourdough.
  2. McMuffy

    Happy Discovery!

    Thanks for the warm welcome, I think I'm going to enjoy it here! Intervention or exorcism...take your pick! I have been maintaining a sourdough starter since the fall, but I have only made yeast assisted breads with it or small items with the discard like crackers or waffles. I decided a month ago that I wanted to make a naturally leavened loaf and it has been a hot mess! My sourdough 'Patty' (so named for the patty melts I was hoping to enjoy on my fresh baked bread) is disobedient , lazy and overactive all at the same time. I'm still working out the kinks and actually on my 2nd fold/tuck this morning, so maybe I will have bread this evening...who knows.
  3. McMuffy

    Happy Discovery!

    Hi, my name is Lynn, I’m a pastry student and lover of food. I stumbled across the forum while in the midst of a sourdough intervention and after seeing all the amazing photos and helpful tips I knew I had to join. Born and raised in the South so sweet, buttery and salty checks all my boxes, but I do attempt to cook healthy-ish whenever possible. I’m a collector of Pyrex, antique kitchen tools and vintage cookbooks. I look forward to being part of the community and being inspired by all of you!