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  1. Anyone ever try the PreGel bronte pistachio paste? Anyone know where to get some? Has it ever been compared to Fiddyment farms paste?
  2. I have not read the pistachio paste discussion. I'll look for it. I feel a little stuck in this brand as its specifically called out in the Modernist Cuisine cookbook and it uses Bronte Sicilian pistachios.(I'm looking to make best product possible) It would be unnecessary to import it as PreGel America has what seems to be a high end product in the USA already. A distributor on the east side of Michigan said they could sell it to me if I had a business. I believe the smallest they sell is 2.5 kg. I don't want to make my own since it requires approx. 4 passes through a colloid mill to achieve similar results. A reasonable amount for any product should be based on its use. It appears that it's used in similar ways to peanut butter so I say probably .5kg and a 1kg container would suffice for most peoples uses. If someone needed more you could just sell them the entire 2.5kg container it comes in. If you need contact information for PreGel I can give you that. I think you should consider adding it to your business. With a popular cookbook calling it out, it sounds like a possible demand for it if there is a discussion in this forum already, and I'd imagine it has a long shelf life. It might be worth experimenting in that niche market for approx $400 investment. If shipping wasn't bad I'd certainly buy it.
  3. I was suggested to post here by Moderist Cuisine customer service after contacting them about searching far and wide for PreGel brand-Bronte Sicilian Pistachio paste for their Pistachio Gelato they speak so highly of. PreGel is able to sell me 5.5 kgs for approx $400. This is just way to much product. Does anyone know where I could get my hands of some of this. Preferably at will so I could make it whenever I wanted.
  4. I would describe myself as a intermediate cook. I grew up in a house with my mother making home cooked meals everyday. While delicious I seem to have been left with a strong desire to find out about new dishes with an emphasis on authenticity, and elevating known dishes to the absolute max.
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