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    Per Se

    I'd heard the same, but that it would still be potentially hard to get a 4 to 2 adjustment. We were flexible with time, though, and they were able to make the switch for us. As for the sous chef comment, Chef Benno is still the Chef de Cuisine, no? I see sickchangeup's comment above that he should be until at elast the end of the summer...you were just making a joke? I hope??? ← The rumor on the blogs is that Benno is leaving to do his own thing very shortly. ← I'd heard that, but I thought it was confirmed that he is still the chef until further notice. I should hope we are not going when an unknown entity is chef. ← Rumor is that he will stay through the summer in case Per Se is Bruni's last 4 star review before he leaves. The blogs believe every critic must leave with a "legacy" review and from what I've read, Bruni has never reviewed Per Se,
  2. Ahhh, the dining problem that is Hoboken. Hoboken has become a town of bars/restaurants that serve limited food to justify drinking. Top notch restaurants are few and far in between but here goes a safe list of Hoboken restaurants, Amanda's- Quality food, nothing special but quality. Highly priced but in town here I'd rather pay a high tariff instead of a $14 hamburger. Dino & Harry's- Steakhouse. My favorite as this place now has more offerings than steaks. More fish, chicken and lower priced small plates. A good move in this economy. Lua- Hit or miss. Menu becomes boring after a 2nd visit as they have limited special. Great view here though. Go for a drink beforehand Anthony Davids- Food is good but I have qualms about eating here after seeing the grease all over the stove. kitchen needs a good cleaning. Maybe to much attention has been spent on his baby Bin 14............ Bin 14- my new favorite. Wine is incredibly over-priced but quality of small plates makes up for it. Very small, call now for reservations but be careful as you might only get 5:30 or 10:00 today. Just my humble opinion. Good luck
  3. Mooncakes...Chinese food, or what? Where is it? Lreda, the Mercer place - is it the Jean-Georges Vongerichten outpost? ← Yes, it's located in the Mercer Hotel on Mercer & Prince St
  4. Ate at Lupa 2 weeks ago. Always solid. Tried to get in yesterday around 2pm. No chance, packed. Went to Mercer Hotel and ate downstairs. All apps but stellar. A place I haven't eaten at in 4, 5 years. I has a mix of oysters on the half shell, Crabcake and hamachi. SO had proscuitto, pineapple, etc. Could have done without the pineapple and I forget. I'd go back to Mercer in a year or so. Atmosphere for the holidays was good. Food better than good. If you can get to Otto, that might be your best bet or Scarpetta on 14th.
  5. Wow, Great dinner here last night. No Katie but George did a fine job last night. Had a arugola salad with pears, lightly dressed. Then I had the gnudi which is very similar to gnocchi with shaved cheese, proscuitto and olive oil. This might have been one of my top ten dishes of the year. A couple of dark and stormys and a a glass of a Spanish white who's name escapes me. I'll be back in a few weeks and hopefully the sassy Aussie who kept me entertained at the bar will be there. I'll PM you Katie next time through.
  6. I don't want to start an argument, but it was inconsiderate to ask for basically anywhere within the radius of Wayne to Hoboken. I thought it as a convenient place so I suggested it, favorite or not. Then in a reply I'm directly told, no, I want a place in Montclair. Well, if ya wanted a place in a specific town, ask. If you ask for Montclair I probably wouldn't have posted because I don't KNOW of any outdoor venues in that Community. I'm not saying two wrongs make a right, but I felt I need to make that point. Please don't make this into a battle and "pick sides" ... it happened, it's done. Tracey is an adult and as you stated can go anywhere she pleases (you didn't have to add salt to a wound). ← Nor do I wish to start an argument but you were the person who wished to respond to Tracey's request for a restaurant with outdoor seating from Wayne to Hoboken. Montclair is in between Wayne and Hoboken and she was looking for advice for Montclair after amending her post. What's the big deal? I'm not picking on you but thought that your post was bit heavy-handed for such a simple request. Besides, we could be arguing about so many more important topics on the NJ Forum such as hot dogs and whether The Ryland Inn opens again, What happened to people discussing Real dining experiences like the NY forum? Sad really sad.
  7. Had I known I would have never taken the time from my day to help you think about Sunset Pub & Grill. You originally stated you'd be willing to travel to Hoboken and I offered a venue near your residence. <sigh> Did, you really have to write this? Tracey is looking for a place for her birthday dinner and you have to give her crap for not choosing your favorite new place. Remarkable. Tracey, you come on down to Hoboken and wherever you decide to go, I'd love to buy you and yours a birthday drink. Lua has 1/2 price off on wines by the bottle on Monday. City Bistro has a outdoor bar for you to have a cocktail before. Enjoy your birthday and good luck deciding on where to dine. Nutley used to have good restaurants with outdoor seating but the locals scared them off.
  8. Tried to go with my 17 & 14 yr old boys on Saturday but they were closed for a private party. I love Otto, go at least twice a month. Had to go to Casa Mono instead, to be honest it was average at best. I'll have to go on Sunday for alittle pizza, pasta, wine and Sunday newspaper reading at the bar.
  9. Has anyone eaten at both the Old Homestead and Bobby Flay’s in the Borgata? I’ve only been to the Old Homestead and had a great steak there, but I’d like to hear from someone who can compare them to each other. ← I'll go into comparisions in the couple of days. Bobby Flay's is sooooo much better and I have eaten at both. Mina's place beats all. Mina is very expensive. In order: Flay Mina ( only such a high tariff hurts them) Buffet at Ho Jo's Old Homestead
  10. Probably mid-April. Take care
  11. It wasn't the zonig board, it was the neighborhood people who killed me. I think they had a few drinks before they came. They were well informed but out for blood.
  12. Wow, That was my toughest visit in front of a neighborhood zoning commitee. Glad I had a couple of glasses of Schafer Hillside before I got there. Katie, I'm back in Philly in mid-May. Will keep in touch. Thanks for the invite. Hope you had a happy birthday. Lou
  13. Lreda


    Will give an update on Friday unless I wind up at The Lighthouse
  14. Looks like I'll have to wait to my next visit
  15. Katie, Are you in tomorrow? I have a zoning board meeting and have to be in and out in an hour and it would be nice to see you. Lou
  16. I ate here two weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I wish I had taken notes but I rarely do. The pizza was with speck and arugola. The thing that impressed me most was the service. I ate at the bar ( as usual, I was on the road) and the barkeep was a joy to talk to. She even followed me outside to give me my to go pizza which I had left behind. I look forward to eating here again in the next few months.
  17. The caesar loked great, pass on the recipe.
  18. Hi everyone, Thanks for the kind words Suzy. I left the Grill last January over the direction of the restaurant, cooking Italian food in my mind was a step back creatively that I didn't want. I was fortunate enough at The Grill to have made many contacts and friends and through these I was lucky enough to land a job with The Wyndham Hotel Group as a Franchise Sales Director for New Construction Development. I have to say I really don't miss the restaurant business with it's long hours, weekends and holidays. The Grill was sold last month, business had dropped, a combination of the menu and my departure. ( I hate to sound pompous but I kept in touch with my staff and they noted customer opinions were just that) I love my new job. The Grill was bought by a family whose daughter will run the restaurant, it will be called Nicole's on 10 or something similar. I've heard she trained under Mario Batali. I wish them great luck and hear they are renovating and will open next month with some of the dishes from the old menu at The Grill. That is rumor though. I'd like to thank all of you who I met here at egullet for supporting me at The Grill and wish you all godspeed. Lou
  19. Went to Hill Country for lunch today. The brisket was very good, had the lean instead of moist. White bread that came with it was lousy. RUB was very good last week, had the brisket there. About Hill Country, I didn't like that meal ticket and had no direction except for the bartender who had to chase me around the place to tell me where to go.
  20. Lreda


    My bad, I was really trying to get there but I had to work late and when I decided to head here I was bumper to bumper and turned back. Glad it was good. Lou
  21. O.K., I know this will start a shit storm but why aren't The Earth and Anthony LoPinto threads tied together? Why the PR thrust? I like Spiro, have never met Anthony but why two threads?
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