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  1. Hey everyone, so after reading this thread I stayed planning on making my own batch this year. Then this week at the store I found a bottle off natural fermented soy sauce to compare regular store soy sauce too. After I tried it I know now I'll never by a bottle of industrial made soy sauce again because the flavor just dose not compare. I'm going to start my batch once the weather gets warmer and I find some koji starter. I'll probably just post my batch in here instead of making a new thread.
  2. Thank you. Yes do between 1-3 times a week, then the days I work I eat the left overs. I think my go-to meals are anything on the grill. I just don't cook well with tomato based cooking. My gf is really good at that though.
  3. Hello everyone, I thought I would say hi and tell you what I'm planning for projects. My name is Ben, I come from a racing background so I love to build projects specially food. I found this forum from searching homemade soy sauce which I'm planning on doing at the end of spring this year. But my first project is making a batch of beer on Tuesday which both I will post. Also I'm open to do diy request on the food side for anyone wanting to learn something. I need to keep busy lol.
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