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  1. I recently went to Chowpatty in Iselin, NJ. The menu has a whole section of "Gujarati Vegetable," with no descriptions. Actually nothing on the menu has descriptions. I am wondering what the most common Gujarati dishes are so that I know what to order next time. I did some internet searches and am not able to translate any of the dishes, maybe it is how they spell them. Vegetables (Gujarati): Undhiya Tuvar Ringan Ringan Bataka Tindora Bataka Bhinda Auro Kaju Karela Parvar Na Raviya Kankola
  2. Thanks Tejon, I used your recipe, mostly because it looked the easiest and I had everything on hand. They were excellent.
  3. Last year I made these Anadama rolls, but I'm looking to make something different this year. Nothing too complicated. Any suggestions?
  4. I have to say, I've gone to Ambassador twice, and have been a little dissapointed. Nothing I can put my finger on, just food that didn't make me excited. I thought all of their dumplings I've ordered have been weak. I think I'm going to have to pick a new dim sum place to try next.
  5. We had a discussion on this here: New Haven Area Stores. There's some discussion about Liuzzi's which is an excellent Italian market in North Haven. I actually grew up in Wallingford, and my mom used to go on a regular basis to pick up meat at Noack's. I don't live in CT anymore, but I when I did, I ended up ordering my turkey from Wild Oats and getting my fruits and vegetables at the fruitery. Unfortunately, central CT is lacking in ethnic stores. I don't know New Britain well, but I do know that there's a huge asian market in West Hartford (A Dong Supermarket) as well a number of latin markets in Hartford or the vicinity, but don't have any detail. Also, in the Hartford/West Hartford area, there are a number of middle eastern markets. I don't know the names, but I can probably look up where they are, if you need them. I hope someone can give you a better post about Mexican markets.
  6. Middlesex Fruitery in Middletown. They're on main st. Extremely high quality fruits and vegetables. Very small store, though. Make sure you don't go at a peak time, or there will be lines out the door. If you call them, they may be able to tell you if they have quinces and or chestnut puree or direct you. Also, there is the whole foods and wild oats in West Hartford. They also have a lot of specialty ingredients.
  7. ErinB

    Thanksgiving soups

    Sounds great. Hmmm. Maybe I'll do that instead.
  8. ErinB

    Turkey Brining

    The think I most like about the brining, is the subtle infusion of herbs in the meat. It has turned out so well for me the past 2 years, I'm nervous to try anything else for fear of it not turning out as well. But I suppose, maybe next year, I should try something different.
  9. ErinB

    Thanksgiving soups

    I believe I will be making a carrot soup (with curry) and toasted almonds, that was in Gourmet this year. It seems pretty light and you can make it ahead.
  10. ErinB

    Turkey Brining

    I follow a recipe from Sally Schneider's "A New Way to Cook" who adapted this from Alice Waters. 2 gallons water, 3/4c plus 2 tablespoons kosher salt, 3/4c sugar, 2 onions, 1 carrot, 1 celery rib, 1 leek, and then a bunch of spices (star anise, fennel, coriander, peppercorns) I made my first turkey EVER this way two years ago (with stuffing inside) and it came out beautful. Last year, I followed the recipe again because it was so great. My gravy was not too salty either.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. Called Lexington Food Co-op and they are doing it. I'm going to go down and order one.
  12. Any recs on getting an organic fresh turkey in the Buffalo area?
  13. My tentative menu: Simple Turkey (brined using a recipe from Alice Waters) Mashed Potatoes (either using a recipe from Sunday Suppers at Lucques or Creamy Mashed potatoes with goat cheese Sage Sage Cornbread Stuffing Green Beans/Squash with a sherry soy butter Maple Pumpkin Pots de Creme possibly Pear and Hazelnut Crumb Pie
  14. Does anyone have a recipe for a very moist buttery cornbread/sage stuffing? I had this a few years ago at a restaurant and it was amazing. Last year I made a cornbread/ham/chestnut stuffing out of the Gourmet cookbook that was ok, but didn't come close.
  15. I've been really exploring Toronto lately, and have been less interested in Buffalo. I live in North Buffalo, and my fave place for pizza so far has been Romeo and Juliet's on Hertel. Their salads are also really good. Entrees are just average. I grew up in Connecticut, so I'm used to NY style thin crust pizza. I would love to find a great authentic Chinese in the area, I just read about Ming's on main st that I want to try. I haven't tried Tempo.
  16. Regarding Buffalo: I had a HORRIBLE experience at Toro. The waitstaff was incredibly snobby, and the food was uneven. I agree the service at Papaya is uneven, but overall I have been pretty happy with the food there. I had a great meal at Tsunami, some of the dishes were amazing, and some were just good.
  17. I have read on some boards (chowhound maybe?) not to go to Ambassador for any meal other than dim sum. The consensus seems to be that it's the only time it's good.
  18. Yes, anywhere in the GTA area. I'm interested in exploring the diversity of Chinese cuisine. Not just typical types. So far, I've eaten at Ding Tai Fund and Ambassador for Dim Sum. I'm interested in trying other types of Chinese especially kinds that I haven't had before. I've also tried Islamic Chinese food in LA before.
  19. Hakka:is the cooking style of the Hakka, and originally came from southeastern China (Guangdong and Fujian). Wiki Link: Hakka Chiuchow cuisine, Teochew cuisine or Chaozhou cuisine (Chinese: 潮州菜; pinyin: Cháozhōu cài) originates from Chiuchow (now called 'Chaozhou'), a city of China in Guangdong Province, not far from Canton. Hence the cooking style is very similar to Cantonese cuisine. However, Chiuchow cuisine does have some unique dishes that are not in Cantonese cuisine. ("Chiuchow" is a Cantonese pronunciation in common usage due to Teochew influence in Cantonese culture and cuisine.) Wiki Link: Chiuchow
  20. I've seen some discussion of Toronto dim sum. But what I'm really looking for are some recs for various kinds of Chinese food. Where's the best hot pot? Hakka? Chiu Chow? Etc.
  21. ErinB

    Rochester, NY

    Just had an amazing bulgoki lunch box from Seoul Garden. Some of the best korean I've had in a long time. I'm working in Rochester for the next few weeks, so I'm going to try a few of the dishes.
  22. Any ideas on where to find cooking classes in Buffalo. So far, I've found one place: http://www.delishelmwood.com/
  23. As for sushi, I knew that Kuni's had closed but I saw an article in Buffalo Rising that a few more are opening up, one is opening right where Kuni's was.
  24. This is very exciting. I'm surprised because I was just in Wayland Square last week and didn't even notice it. What are the days and hours it is open?
  25. Moving to Buffalo in about 1 month. I've spending some time there already for work, and wanted any suggestions people could give me. What grocery store do you go to (aside from Wegman's)? Butchers? Best fruits/vegetaables? Ethinic markets? (i've found the thread on asian markets, anywhere else?) Best coffee shop? I'm going to be living in North Buffalo (near hertel and colvin) and my office is in Cheektowaga.
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