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  1. Greetings :) :)

    Welcome roysmith178. What all do you like cooking? Look forward to seeing what you make.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome all. I truly appreciate it. Okanagancook, I do get my beef locally sourced. I buy a half cow at a time from my old neighbor. I don't know of a lot of sheep where I am, although I know there are some sheep ranchers throughout the state. There's a pretty good butcher close by and I think he sources as much as he can fairly locally also. There's a couple farmer's markets that run here, but only in the late spring/early summer through fall. kayb, lately I've been cold smoking. Typically cheeses (cheddar, mozzarella) although going to try some Gouda along with the others this weekend (I hope). I have also smoked some bourbon. Definitely a little different taste, and I do kind of like it. Learned not to keep the bourbon under the mozzarella in the smoker with the first batch I did. Hope I got all the questions answered. If not, keep firing away. Always willing to help where I can.
  3. Hey all, New member from Montana. From the browsing I have already done, I can tell there is a TON of stuff I can learn right here, and I look forward to it. I have a bunch of interests cooking wise (smoking, bbq, various cuisine types) but I am just a simple home cook hoping to become better. Thanks for having me here.