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  1. Commercial grade manual citrus presses

    I bought a Frieling press from BBB (yay 20% off) but I was a little disappointed with the results. Compared to a cone juicer, it left a lot of unpressed flesh in the rind. Plus it the juice was bitter compared to the cone. I want a juicer for both fresh OJ as well as pomegranates in the fall. Has anyone used the Hamilton Beach 932 for pomegranates? Does anyone know of a place with lifetime guarantees that sells the HB 932? When I plunk down $200 on a piece of equipment I try to buy from BBB or Costco, like I did for my KitchenAid mixer. I read a lot of reviews about the KitchenAid having plastic gears that break down after a while, so buying from a store with lifetime returns adds a level of comfort.
  2. Fresh orange juice

    I ordered a case of Valencia oranges to satisfy a craving for fresh squeezed OJ. I used a traditional electric juicer and it was fairly decent. Not great, but I suspect it is a bit early in the Valencia season. However it does take quite a bit of time using this method. So I bought a pomegranate press. Reviews of various presses said it gets all of the juice from the fruit. Not really, quite a bit is still left over after pressing. But even ignoring the inefficiency, I noticed the juice was bitter. I’m assuming the press is getting the bitter oils from the peel into the juice. How do stores/restaurants that sell fresh juice do it?