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  1. I guess this is not the place for "out of the box thinking" I didn't say never sit down and enjoy a good meal. Just that most of the time, I want to eat on the go and the commercial choices are crap. Half a sandwich and a bowl of soup doesn't take me far. This board must be for the Bon Appétit restaurant purists. Small food with a big price. Ok for me once in a while. I must have stepped on a few toes by suggesting restaurant food is crap. The entire commercial and restaurant food industries would be turned upside down if a candy bar sized meal or a "pill" became reality and could pass for a fair meal. Here in Canton Ohio you can cook yourself which is a big effort or go to a chain restaurant where most of the time it is shipped in frozen and dropped in a deep fryer. For the few of you that were sympathetic to the concept.....thank you.
  2. Hi! This should probably be moved to "ready to eat" I'm here, not to sell anything, but to talk about an idea. Am I the only person on the planet that most of time doesn't want to stop to eat? Sure, a nice meal and a drink are fine with the right company. But most of the time determining what and where to eat is a pain. Love to swallow a pill and go. Still science fiction. The closest I'm finding to this is a frozen bag microwave steamable meals from Walmart. For $6, a good size meal, put the bag in a microwave and in 10 minutes, EAT. Walmart has maybe 4 choices of this kind of meal in their frozen section. Aldi's has frozen meal bags for $3.29 but not the kind of packaging that you can just pop in the microwave. The military has dry meals ready to eat (MRE). Not the best for regular everyday meals as they don't taste good are expensive and high in calories. Designed for young adults in the field. We need a better way to eat. Efficient, fast,, easy, inexpensive, nutritious , one step prepare, and tastes good. A lot of points to hit. Love to start a revolution how we eat. Fast food is high priced junk as is most restaurant food....prepared frozen, add lots of salt, then drop in a deep fryer to serve the customer and charge a big dollar. Anyone have thoughts or ideas?