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  1. No not making a sauce...making candy consistency. I pour it into containers to cool...then can either make individual candies or can and more dairy to turn it into a sauce the next day. But now, when it cools....there is a syrupy pool at the bottom.
  2. I have seen lots of people post about butter separating but from what I read it separates at the top of the caramel. This is at the bottom and when I pour it out of the container it is thick and a syrup like consistency. I can't swear to anything though. Just that it has only recently started to happen.
  3. No Jeanne, nothing has changed at all. That is why I am so confused.
  4. I have made caramel for several years but over the past few months it has not set up the same. Now, as it cools in the container it appears that the corn syrup is separating at the bottom. I have not altered my recipe and have not been able to figure out why this is happening. Any suggestions>
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