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  1. OK, time to ask this again to be current for 2008, what's the steak for 2 going for these days?
  2. I got a box of The Painted Truffle'sLegends of Caramel for V-day. Yumm. I almost cried when they were gone.
  3. I saw this the other day and wholeheartedly agree.
  4. I couldn't find the thread about the Valley Forge Brew Pub in Gateway shopping center. It had been closed for a long time and today I saw it is now a Panera Bread location. Such a unique space, and that's all anyone could do?
  5. I have found banana leaves at the Shoprite on Germantown. I dislike that store but they have a great Ethnic Foods aisle. I went in for corn husks for tamales and they were the first things I saw when I walked in!
  6. ooh! I go before the zoning board next week. I wonder if they'd frown on a cocktail before the 2pm hearing?
  7. This is a "send back-able" offense in my book. Was it advertised as pepper crusted? The portions look huge. And that's from me, who likes to eat large portions.
  8. I haven't noticed it not being fired up, but they made a big deal out of it when it was first built. I stopped ordering the brick oven pizzas because they were so much smaller than their others. One pizza didn't feed 2 hungry people. No thanks. I must also say the quality of their sausage has taken a dive. I avoid it now. edit: I haven't noticed the brick oven on or off because I stopped ordering from it.
  9. Heard a report that Speck's chicken in Collegeville closed. Anyone know if it was for a longer holiday or if they're clucked? Couldn't resist... sorry.
  10. I dug out the Gourmet 2005 December issue to confirm that the story was correct that went with the recipe to make sure I had the right cookie. I realize this is my favorite cookie issue of theirs of all time. I make the fig swirls from this issue every year as well. Thanks for everyone's help. This holiday will be even better now!
  11. Also found the gourmet recipe in recipe gullet Here
  12. I think it is also important to note the general 3-5 years you spend being a "pastry cook" before attaining the title of pastry chef. This time is spent plating, producing components of the dishes, learning, and making lots of mistakes. Many whom I attended school with thought they could become executive high muckety-muck chefs right out of school. They usually spent a year peeling potatoes. I spent 2 years making salads, not that I am bitter.
  13. Can you recall when you see a recipe that you're dying to make but don't get around to it for a few years? That's me, and I can't find the recipe, please help! I saw a recipe for brown butter cookies, in one of the food glossies a few years ago. I think about it every year at Christmas, and this year, gosh darn it, I want to make them. Extensive searches on Epicurious are not bringing up the right recipes. It went with a short article about a woman who made these cookies for her office and everyone went nuts for them and it was as simple as browning the butter and chilling, then making the cookies normally. Sure, I could take any butter cookie recipe and do that, but I want the exact recipe. Anyone remember it? Can anyone find it? This would make my holiday season. Please please help. Thanks.
  14. ruth's chris in KOP has good creme brulee. The last time I had it, it seemed a bit runny, but that was the first time in 2 years.
  15. Not quite cornmeal mush, but grits with crispy bacon and aged gouda. The grits were a little runny, but that was OK. When I compared nutrition analysis I found that bacon grease is healthier than butter so I dumped that in the grits rather than butter. Super yum.
  16. The menu is fun, including a lobster club sandwich and sourdough pretzel crusted fried calamari, which were meaty, tender and great. I would have liked to see a more interesting dipping sauce than standard marinara- maybe something honey mustard based to go with the pretzel crust.
  17. I know it was deemed so by the Today show, hardly known for it's culinary prowess - but the designation is a big deal. And, my trip to Vesuvio's Saturday night confirmed that this is THE sandwich of all sandwiches. The bread was part kaiser roll, part focaccia. Contents: sliced, grilled filet, caramelized onions, provolone, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & sriracha mayo. Amazing. Who else has had it? Whaddya think? We usually get fattest or ugliest city, so best sandwich is an honor!
  18. From a few weeks ago - banana pecan pancakes with caramelized banana. Complete with my favorite Winnie the Pooh mug With leftover batter the next day, I wanted something bite size and non messy to eat with our hands on the patio. Silver dollar pancakes with Ficoco fig & chocolate spread. Yum!
  19. Hi Sif, What do you use as the 'custard' portion for vegan french toast? I assume soy milk, but not sure what would be a good thickener. Thanks.
  20. This thread took me forever to find! Doing some black beans today. I will add some smoked paprika, cumin and lots of garlic. Later this week they'll become refried black beans with bacon for fajitas, and Cuban pork and black bean stew. Looking forward to it all.
  21. Yum! Fonduta is great with vegetables, dip cooked cauliflower, asparagus spears, and potatoes. A smidgen in a leaf of grilled radicchio is awesome. Char some ciabatta for dunking. Pour leftovers over pasta. If the cheese is getting tight and grainy, the heat is too high. I whisk the eggs over a double boiler until frothy like when making zabaglione, add a touch of cream and butter. When it's pretty hot add cheese a little at a time. Switch to low direct heat, add truffle at the end.
  22. I'm with you. Meatballs outside the home are scary. I've recently graduated to accepting some marinara outside of home, from Rocco's, but meatballs are still home only. I will have to try Shank's. I'm open to it, just haven't found it.
  23. Just as you called it, Charlie. One note: the fried chicken that went along with waffles was extraordinary. The blues was great! Brunch $22.45 pp drinks were big and stong.
  24. Not a full recipe, but better technique: to get more squash flavor I prefer to roast the squash rather than simmer it in liquid. I'd suggest roasting the squash and puree with stock fortified with additional mirepoix and simmered with bay leaf. I'd also like roasted squash diced into miso soup with crab shu mai and rice noodles.
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