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  1. PFox

    Hello from Vegas

    @Kerry Beal Vegas needs more teachers down here. I asked Sur La Table to help me direct me to chocolatier class, but the teacher only had limited amount of space, and it was a reservation for 4 months in advance and it was a couple grand a course. Although she worked in the Bellagio, so she was just super hard to book for me because of my schedule. If you're ever down here, or would like to come down let me know. I would like to take a workshop here. I wish there was more around.
  2. Here's the original recipe: Brown Butter Caramels I cooked it to about 250 F, about the hard ball stage. It hold's it form to a point, but the top layer starts to melt and sticks to anything around room temp. Making eating the caramels a mess. People want to put it in their hand or pocket and it starts going through the packaging. I was thinking adding less butter, or maybe using condensed milk? I'm trying to make some more adult flavored caramels, meaning not making it too sweet. My version on the recipe is I usually slightly burn the sugar ,and the butter, to a darker color then add in a dash of whiskey for a smoky taste. But it's super tough to cut through when frozen, but once I got the knife hot it started losing it's form. When I packaged them into wax paper to started sticking to the opening making it difficult to eat. I sadly don't have any pictures, but I think I will remake them and post them on here later to get a better picture of what I'm talking about.
  3. PFox

    Hello from Vegas

    @Smokeydoke Thank you! Do you bake?
  4. PFox

    Hello from Vegas

    @Kerry Beal I would love to attend one of your workshops, but spring/summer I can't leave Vegas because I'm still setting up stuff for the company. Maybe if you could do skype or online classes, I might look into that.
  5. If you didn't read my into, I'm Fox from Vegas. I found this recipe for chewy caramels made with butter online. When I made it, a lot of people loved the chewiness and the taste, but I had trouble stabilizing the caramels when packaging. It melted at room temp, so I tried again making it again to the hard ball stage, but it still melted at room temp. (When I say melted, I mean sticky to the paper) I wasn't sure if I needed to change the recipe, but I would like to understand how I can keep it from becoming a mess. I've bought store-bought chewy caramels and they never had this problem, or it's not as messy. Can anyone help me with this dilemma? Thanks.
  6. Hey there eG! I'm currently in Vegas trying to start a whole new chocolate and confections business. I've been working on this company over a year and a half self-taught. I would like to share ideas, network, and collaborate with fellow eG members. I still have a lot to learn and hopefully I can get some solid advice from my fellow people. I like coming up with new ideas and taking desserts to the next level. I would love some starter-business advice, and I want to learn chemistry for baking. I would love recommendations for books, or text books about baking. School is super expensive and until I can pay for school with my company I try to learn through books and recourses. Hope to chat with some of you soon! -Fox