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    Buying Japanese knives (UK)

    Yes, I have now come to realise that it's just a way to 'tart' up a knife! I think the Yaxell is probably the epitome of this, with it's western handle and 161 layers... I must try and resist the glamorous looks of it! The true quality knives look like they have been beaten out of old cart springs with a rock! I read some good postings on ChefKnivesToGoForums about Damascus and how modern Damascus is just a flashy finish etc. Apparently the original Damascus steel has carbon nanotubes in, due to being made with plant matter! Oddly, I tend to favour an old Sabatier knife over my Globals because I think it takes a better edge... Thanks for all the advice and I will have a more considered think. It would be great to find somewhere to get hands on with some 'real' Japanese knives...
  2. I saw some lovely Damascus steel knives in Steamer Trading yesterday. Yaxell brand. After getting back up off the floor when I saw the price on the Super Gou chef's knife, £460 ($650), I retired home to get online and see what my other options where. Talk about a whole new world! I found a site called hocho-knife which appears to be an exporter direct from Japan with an office in the US. There is a lot of info about steel grades etc on their site. It appears that the Super Gou is an export knife, it has 161 layers, the SG2 steel core and a hand engraved blade, but I wondered if there are equivalent knives for slightly less $$$$? At the moment I use Global but I am smitten with the look of the Damascus blade...
  3. Interesting! I had a pint of something in New York that really laid me low the next day. Just recently I drank a bottle of Ruddles (which I never normally touch) and a bottle of Guinness Indian Porter and next day, killer head ache which didn't shift with neurophen and paracetamol. It's so bad it makes you feel sick and you can barely move. Not like a 'normal' hangover, which by comparison is a walk in the park! I just thought I'd google it, as you do, an here I am... I'm not alone! I am sure there is some additive or something in certain beers that I react to. I'm going to try a bottle of those two again and see what happens. I drink quite a few porters and Guinness Original without any issues, so my money is on the Ruddles.