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  1. JA's were eaten long before the "white man" arrived in the new world.
  2. I tried about a pound over several days with no propellant effect.
  3. I have come to realize that JA's need to be peeled account of dirt hiding in the coarse skin. Once they are peeled there isnt much left. I recently learned about Jicama which is aqvailable in my area at a relatively civil price of about 3.70/pound. Jicama also fills the role as a potato substitute.
  4. Hello people. I'm looking for something called Jerusalem artichokes and I live in Prairieville Louisiana. I'm a diabetic and my understanding is that they are very good for diabetics. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's don't carry them. I can find them on Amazon or Ebay but they are really expensive. Should anybody know where to get them or even where to forage Jerusalem artichokes the information would be appreciated. Thank you.
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