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  1. To be honest, I don't remember the exact time because I used the thermometer but I'd say around 30-40 minutes. The temperature, maybe 300°C to start, although it does go down to 250°C during cooking. Good luck with yours and don't forget to give us some feedback here.
  2. Wow! This forum is slow answering. One year later ;-) Thank you anyway. I do have a clay tandoor and that is why I asked about cooking times on it. I ended up buying a termometre to check the inside temperature of the chicken. I also owned the book by Ranjit Rai. It is great although I find he adds way too much marinate and a lot of ot is wasted. The amounts should be halved. Definitely a whole chicken. This is being done all the time.
  3. Hi there. I am cooking a whole chicken in a tandoor and I am wondering how long should I cook it for. All the recipes that I have found are for traditional electric ovens. Is 300 Celsius enough temperature or should I go higher? Also, should I baste it with ghee every so often to keep it moist or this is not necessary in a tandoor. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you, Bhukhhad. I thought this forum was inactive as there were no new posts for weeks. I did use the Chinese mustard greens and it turned out ok but not as good as I remembered. Also, there is a big waste as a lot of it are stems. If I find the Indian variety with flowers I will definitely give it a go.
  5. A while ago I cooked Sarson Ka Saag and it was delicious. I used only the leaves of the Indian mustard greens but not the stems. I am trying to cook it again but in the area where I leave I can only find the Chinese variety of mustard green. It almost looks like a big Pak Choi with huge leaves and very thick white stems, very different to the Indian variety. My question is: Can I use these one for the Sarson Ka Saag? Is the flavour very different to the Indian mustard greens? Thank you in advance.
  6. @Duvel It is the medium size (you can put inside 8 skewers) but it probably looks bigger in the photograph. In the manual they recommend using 1.5-2 kg so I think that the Weber chimney will be sufficient. @rotuts, I don't have the charcoal chimney yet (that is why I was wondering if I could use it before I bought it). They do have instructions and a video on how to fire it up (and I have done it with mixed results ;-) but I love how easy it could be to do it using the chimney. I am not in the UK but I can send them an email with the question (never thought of that :-P)
  7. Thanks @Duvel. Yes, I can use a charcoal chimney or yes, the walls will crack? I guess the first but want t be sure just in case ;-)
  8. It is one of the models sold by puri in the UK http://www.puritandoors.co.uk/
  9. As a tandoor is not a regular BBQ but an oven which walls need to be hot in order to cook I was wondering if I could use a charcoal chimney to light it. Firstly, I don't know how long it would take for the walls to heat up (I guess quite quick) but secondly (and most important) will the walls crack because of the sudden change in temperature? Any experiences here?
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