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  1. I own a few different kinds of teapots (iron, clay, and a few ceramic versions), but most often I end up steeping my tea in a stainless steel milk-frothing jog from Ikea & straining directly into my cup. It’s not sophisticated or pretty, but it works better than the tiny mesh at the top that’s in a lot of teapots.
  2. I picked up a couple bottles of this when I was in Budapest last year! I read somewhere that the exported version’s recipe is slightly different (plus I found some kind of “special edition” variety at the same shop), so I figured it was worth the extra space in my luggage. Got a few varieties of pálinka while I was at it, too.
  3. Hello, all!  I’m a part-time armchair gastronomer, part-time kitchen and bar dabbler. I enjoy making (and consuming!) beer, sous vide steaks, and tiki drinks from my home kitchen. I first came across this forum several years ago and have occasionally returned to browse from time to time, but am only now getting around to creating an account.  It’s nice to “meet” you all with slightly less anonymity. 
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