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  1. Wow! Definitely more came out than mine! Hopefully you don't/didn't get too much oven spring.....
  2. Ha! The fundamental interconnectedness of all things, no doubt. In the last picture, you can see the yellow handle and blade of the 11" Henckel carving knife. The top of the loaf is very crunchy, so after the first slice, I turned it sideways. It is quite tough to cut, but will cut very thin, if you can do your part. I cut 4 slices to freeze for my german friend, and thought that was enough slicing for a bit.... Good luck with your pumpernickel, I'm sure you'll post pics when it's complete. Using the new Blumlein oven you just got (stalking you on the other thread 🙂 )? Not
  3. As a neighbour is going fishing soon, and having some of his salmon catch turned into lox, I thought I'd make some Pumpernickel - pg. 270 in the Kitchen Manual - (and some bagels next week). Bought a 9x4x4 pullman loaf pan off of Amazon. Soaked the rye berries for about 28 hours. A friend and I make beer, so I used the grain grinder to rough crush more rye berries for the cracked rye and pumpernickel flour, and fine tuned the grind in the modified aircraft engine my wife calls a blender. I've never seen pumpernickel flour or cracked rye, so I used my best guess as to texture, acco
  4. I went to look at the Melissa Clark book above, because we love her Instant Pot cookbooks, and noticed this while I was there: Alton Brown - Good Eats: The Early Years. Kindle version, $2.99
  5. Not super on sale, but better than full price (~$25), if anyone is a fan of Wagamama, the UK based restaurant chain: The Wagamama Cookbook ($6.99) https://www.amazon.com/Wagamama-Cookbook-Hugo-Arnold-ebook/dp/B07KPB64RP wagamama Feed Your Soul: Fresh + simple recipes from the wagamama kitchen ($8.99) https://www.amazon.com/wagamama-Feed-Your-Soul-recipes-ebook/dp/B07S7PVZ8M Wagamama Ways With Noodles ($10.99) https://www.amazon.com/Wagamama-Ways-Noodles-Hugo-Arnold-ebook/dp/B07KPBN7HP
  6. I am a Canadian Amazon (not Prime) member, in Canada, and I can see the $3.99 price. JoNorvelleWalker is correct, Amazon ca/com knows where you are, and displays prices accordingly, no matter if you are on the .ca or the .com site. Long story, but my particular account has a very weird state, that allows me to see the US Kindle prices, and purchase said items at those prices. I'm not entirely sure of the reasons why that is, but I'm not going to complain.... We've discussed this before, and I believe the consensus is book licensing in each country is different, so physical location
  7. Actually, it's about a) where you are, and b) how Amazon has your account configured. By default, Canadians (both by location and account), can't get the same prices on amazon.COM as "Americans" (either by location or account). The quotation marks around "Americans" above is because while I'm Canadian by location (and nationality), somehow my Amazon account allows me to see (and purchase) eBooks that are posted here at the US sale price. Ie. Using Safari (my usual browser, that has all my Amazon account cookies and tokens cached) the Momofuku book still shows as $2.99
  8. Well, let's not be hasty. It is the one sold by Best Buy themselves that is on sale for $199.99. https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/cuisinart-cuisinart-steam-convection-toaster-oven-0-6-cu-ft-brushed-stainless-cso-300nc/10406509.aspx?
  9. I'd be willing to bet those: CSO-300N1C CSO-300N1C - 1PKC are exactly the same thing. The 2nd one is being sold by a 3rd party seller on the BestBuy site (BestBuy marketplace), not BestBuy themselves. Probably just the 3rd party seller tacking some extra coding onto the model number for use in their own system.
  10. I'm glad you recognize my brilliance. Other people have mis-interpreted my "intuition" for laziness. 🙂 Chris has provided excellent advice as well. It's really about the ratio of culture/flour/water, and I'm roughly aiming for what he has listed - 25/100/100.
  11. Terminology is dodgy when you're talking about starter and levain, for sure. I use starter to mean the pet that I constantly feed, and levain to mean a larger batch of starter I prepare as the first step to making bread. I didn't use the MB directions, as I already had a starter/levain when I bought the books. But basically, I mixed flour and water and let it sit for a few days until there was activity, and then started feeding it daily when there was sufficient activity. Usually a ratio of 15g culture, 50g flour (1/2 white, 1/2 wheat) and 50g water. Or thereabouts. I don't really measure
  12. @underproofed I don't have my books here at the moment, so I can't check what is written in MB, but that seems to me a very strange way to start a levain. When I make bread, I build a quantity of levain from my starter and use it to make dough within 24hrs. So my schedule would be Friday, 10 pm: Make levain. Saturday, 4pm: Make dough, proof overnight in fridge. Sunday, ~noon: bake bread.
  13. It looks like book 1 is on sale as well, $0.99 https://www.amazon.com/Smoking-Meat-Recipes-Smoked-Unique-ebook/dp/B07BK6P5K6
  14. I'm not a Prime Member either. I did have some weirdness, though. I only started downloading kindle books at all when I discovered this thread. I was able to download ~6 or 7, and then it stopped working, complaining about them not being available in my region. I chatted with Amazon tech. support, and whatever they did, I was able to then resume buying/downloading stuff. I'm keeping my head down, and enjoying the ride while it lasts.
  15. Amazon.com/kindle store/whatever it is, lets me buy it @$2.99 (USD). I'm in Victoria, BC. Because I'm technically below the 49th parallel, maybe their geolocation software thinks I'm in the US?
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