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  1. I'm not a Prime Member either. I did have some weirdness, though. I only started downloading kindle books at all when I discovered this thread. I was able to download ~6 or 7, and then it stopped working, complaining about them not being available in my region. I chatted with Amazon tech. support, and whatever they did, I was able to then resume buying/downloading stuff. I'm keeping my head down, and enjoying the ride while it lasts.
  2. Amazon.com/kindle store/whatever it is, lets me buy it @$2.99 (USD). I'm in Victoria, BC. Because I'm technically below the 49th parallel, maybe their geolocation software thinks I'm in the US?
  3. You can also buy dedicated egg poking devices. https://www.amazon.ca/Fox-Run-5711-Piercer-Plastic/dp/B0000VLPTO
  4. And a nice Pain Rustique for good measure.
  5. My first attempt at the Chocolate and Cherry Sourdough recipe. I didn't have osmotolerant yeast, so I used ~50% more regular yeast. I probably could have doubled the yeast without any issues, but it's a fairly dense loaf anyways, not sure if that's worth trying. Flavour was great, different from anything I've had before. Bridging the gap between cake and bread.... Will definitely be making it again. Oh, and dried cherries seem to be expensive!
  6. For the Canucks in the house, BestBuy.ca, $229.99 until July 12. https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/cuisinart-cuisinart-steam-convection-toaster-oven-0-6-cu-ft-brushed-stainless-cso-300nc/10406509.aspx?
  7. Not exactly. The L8DD3 lid is not quite as tall/deep, and it's shoulders are quite rounded, even more so than the lid of the LCC3, whereas the L8SKL sides/bottom are very much straight. Could the lid of the L8DD3 substitute for the L8SKL? Maybe, but I think it's going to really be a personal preference thing - the rounded shoulders would mean there is slightly less usable bottom space than the L8SKL. I bought both the LCC3 and the L8DD3 for baking bread in my large oven, so the fact that the L8DD3 pieces fit in the CSO is just a bonus for me. I bought the L8SKL specifically for the CSO, bread mainly, but it's getting used for more and more things. I guess I would suggest try the L8DD3? Esp. if you are baking larger loaves in the oven (1kg or a bit more), or just want a big, useful cast iron dutch oven. If the lid doesn't work for you as well as you'd hoped, you would probably be able to "make do" until you got a smokin' deal on the L8SKL. Lodge lists the dimensions of the L8SKL as 10.7"L x 12.8"W x 2"H https://shop.lodgemfg.com/skillets-and-covers/cast-iron-pan.asp (see the "Features" tab) and the L8DD3 dimensions are here (some great pictures as well): https://shop.lodgemfg.com/images/LCC3_Measurements.pdf Edit: Actually, looking at the measurements, the L8SKL and the L8DD3 lid are more similar than I originally thought....
  8. Ok, here is my research on the whole Lodge issue (for the ones I own, at least). I own all three of these pans (see attached picture of all three side by side). L8SKL 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Pan https://shop.lodgemfg.com/skillets-and-covers/cast-iron-pan.asp - we all know this fits in the CSO great! LCC3 3.2 Quart Cast Iron Combo Cooker https://shop.lodgemfg.com/deep-skillets/3-quart-cast-iron-combo-cooker.asp - NEITHER top NOR bottom will fit in the CSO - the handles get in the way L8DD3 5 Quart Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven https://shop.lodgemfg.com/dutch-ovens/5-quart-cast-iron-double-dutch-oven.asp - both the top and the bottom will fit separately in the CSO, but NOT together (see pics) Fun fact: the top of the L8DD3 fits well as a lid for the L8SKL (see pic)
  9. Exact measurements, from Lodge: https://shop.lodgemfg.com/images/LCC3_Measurements.pdf https://shop.lodgemfg.com/images/L8DD3_Measurements.pdf
  10. I have a L8DD3 as well. I haven't tried it for fit in the CSO (bought it for something else), but I suspect it would be too tall. I'll try it when I get home.
  11. I 2nd this. I bought the L8SKL because the combo cooker won't fit the CSO - the handles make it too big. The combo cooker is a great pot in it's own right though, so hopefully you will find it useful.
  12. So it's vapourware? Or if it's a steam oven, non-vaporware? Un-vaporware? No-vaporware? Vapourlessware?
  13. @Chris Hennes, @Kerry Beal Reading your posts about Jewish Corn Rye inspired me to make it, and it is a wonderfully flavoured bread. Since everything can be improved (or at least messed around with and screwed up....) I wondered what would happen if it had an overnight proof in the fridge.... I added some diastatic malt powder to help with this. The flavour was good, but I thought the crumb was a little tight. I suspect that the commercial yeast was just too voracious for the long proofing time. I guess my choices, if I'm going to try it again, would be to increase the amount of DMP and/or decrease the amount of commercial yeast..... Thoughts or suggestions, anyone?
  14. For flavour, I would suggest using a more mature levain, and/or longer proofing time. Maybe altering the recipe to include a higher percentage of levain? Not sure about the role of the bran (maybe just flavour?). Malt powder is to keep the yeast fed and happy during a long proofing time, if I understand correctly.
  15. Last night, I was making a levain for some sourdough to make today/bake tomorrow, and stopped in the middle of throwing out the leftover starter. Can I make a "quick" loaf with this? I recalled a fragment on a page in MB about them baking a poolish, to see what happened. They said it was ok, but better to add some flour, and actually make a dough. So I put together a dogs breakfast of white, ww, and dark rye flour, water, commercial yeast and some vital wheat gluten, let it autolyse awhile, salt, half-ass kneaded it a bit and let it bulk ferment for ~6hrs, no folds. Then I shaped it, let it proof for ~4.5 hrs and baked it in the CSO (Bread setting, 30min@450 + 5 min@450 Conv. Bake because I didn't think it was done - it probably was...). It looked pretty ugly going into the oven, and I over baked it a bit, but the flavour and the crumb were great. Quite a strong sour taste, which I love. It's small, ~500g. Happy with my Frankenbread, all things considered.