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  1. Hard to say. There was so much else wrong with it..... I don't think so?, but another test is in order.
  2. @JoNorvelleWalker: No, I don't think so. I literally saw water spitting out of the nozzle in the picture, and falling onto the bread. Mind you, there seems to be less of that happening now, so maybe it is just "breaking in"? I'll have to try another loaf and see....
  3. Hi Ann, thanks for the welcome and the advice. Yes, I'm in Canada. I'm going to try the Lodge L8SKL as my baking stone equivalent, and I will try both the suggested MB technique, and yours (and @lindag) about monitoring/reducing the temp. I'll check out your bread pics, too. Have you noticed any water, rather than steam, spitting out of the nozzle on your CSO?
  4. Thanks for your reply. That was my first thought as well, to reduce the temp.
  5. Thanks, I will check into that MB reference. That is relatively new to me as well, so I haven't worked through it all yet. I've been looking at the L8SKL. Haven't had a chance to pick one up yet. I too am wondering if it's defective? I kind of think that there should be a fine screen over that nozzle, not just open like that. Does yours look the same?
  6. Hi! This is my first post to eGullets. I found the site when looking for info on peoples experiences with the recipes in Modernist Bread. I've really been enjoying reading that thread, and this one here (and it's earlier incarnations). That lead to my recent (last week) purchase of a CSO (yes, I'm blaming you guys for that). So far, it's been good. Toast is fine, poached eggs were good, as were chicken wings. So yesterday I thought I'd try bread. And had a few problems. I used the Country Rye recipe from Tartine Breads (x 1.5, to make 3 loaves). One I cooked in the CSO, the other 2 in the combo cooker in the oven. The combo cooker ones were fine (could have left them a couple more minutes to deep the colour, but the temp. was good - see pics). The one in the CSO.... So I: 1) Preheated the oven with the pan in it to 450F using the convection bake setting. 2) Turned out my dough onto a piece of parchment paper, and slid that onto the hot pan. 3) Cooked the bread on the Bread setting for 40 minutes at 450F. At the very start, this nozzle (for back of a better word) on the right side upper part of the oven started burping water drops (large drops) intermittently onto my bread! This does not seem right. Later, I did a steam clean cycle, and noticed more water burping. (see oven pic with nozzle circled in red below). At 30 minutes, the top was getting dark, so I put a piece of tin foil on it. At 35 minutes, I pulled it out and checked the temp. 190F. Put it back in for the remaining 5 minutes, and pulled it out. Looks underdone, and doesn't look like it rose enough (see pics). Any suggestions? Why the liquid water burping out of what I assume is the steam nozzle? Advice on bread? Lower temp, longer time? thanks in advance.... Jer