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  1. I have a similar one, without the pretty colors I ended up getting a airbrush because my hvlp had a lot of issue with over spray. With the airbrush there's no issue with overspray.
  2. Favorite white chocolate

    I have tried Luker and really don't like it. I wanted to, desperately ...but I tried three different kinds (they were all darks and milks, mind you) but they were all very chalky in texture. The taste was also so predominately bitter, that I really wasn't interested in continuing tasting in hopes of finding something better. I still have some white, which I tried again just now and I just don't find the flavor as appealing as other whites.
  3. I have an airbrush and a HVLP, the airbrush doesn't splatter really. Low pressure or not.. Maybe it's because it is actually a needle in there?
  4. Pistachio Paste

    They had these at Chocoa last week. They don't make much noise at all. It's next on my list. It's sitting in my shopping cart at amazon already I'm dreaming of pistachio paste and super smooth praline paste....
  5. Valrhona Inspirations

    They are not that new for us in Europe...Double ferments are newer. I know you are standing at the front of the queue for Ruby. I find the double ferments and ruby a little more interesting simply because they work from the bean fermentation point to manipulate flavor and color, while Valrhona inspirations is fruit purees added to cocoa butter and sugar.
  6. Valrhona Inspirations

    I don't know the North American market, so I don't know if these are available there, but have you tried the double fermented couvertures? They are also really nice and $$$$$ but make for a beautiful ganache with that something extra. Itakuja (double fermented with passion fruit pulp) is my favorite since I love anything with passion fruit. When I first tasted it, I thought these cocoa beans were grown with with passion fruit vines growing amongst them! Kidavoa (banana double fermented) is also good, though I've only had a chance to taste the feves, and not work with it. Mananka, madagascan cocoa beans fermented with citrus, I haven't tried but I've heard is the best of the three.
  7. Another idea, pipe a little bit of marshmallow into small silicone half dome molds. Just so you'd get a little dome shapes that you could pop/peal out after they had set and put them into the shelled chocolate. Kirsten Tibballs from Savour Ausralia also does a piped marshmallow decoration for one of her entremet, but looking back at my notes it's piped at 45C.
  8. I did a back to back comparison with two half circle molds I got from aliexpress and two half circle molds from Chocolate World. Aliexpress was 1/4 the price of Chocolate World and that's with living very close to CW. Table tempered my callebaut 811 and shelled the molds and left them to completely crystallize. I wanted to see if there was a shine difference, ease of demolding..etc.. I didn't fill them on purpose. Immediately when I was scraping off excess chocolate, I noticed the aliexpress molds scratched very easily and plastic actually scraped off. After an hour or so, the shells in the CW molds had almost entirely released when I checked them. The aliexpress were not released at all. So, I left all four molds in my chocolate room of 16C for the rest of the night. Next day, the shells in the CW molds slipped out without one single release mark or resistance. The aliexpress molds still didn't show that the chocolate had shrunk away from the mold. Turning them over and tapping them, released maybe one or two shells. I put it in the fridge for 5 minutes, still no movement in the shells. I put it in the freezer for a few minutes, and still nothing. At this point, I applied the heat gun to it to just soften the chocolate and I'd clean it out with my fingers. While the surface of the chocolate was very slowly melting, I put my finger in to clean it out and the plastic had actually softened as well as the chocolate! I talked to my mentor where I went to pastry school about it and he said he had heard of the melting happening as well. I've also had issue with one Italian brand mold, but never ever melting, just poor and inconsistent release.