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  1. Alicianickjay

    Help identifying Le Creuset

    Cool! Thanks! If anyone is interested, I actually emailed Le Creuset and they confirmed it is a real piece. They said, "Thanks for your recent inquiry. Your cookware is authentic and it’s one of Le Creuset’s older pieces. This item is called a Dutch Oven with a grill bottom in case you want to grill the meat first. This is a beautiful dish enjoy. Thanks for trusting Le Creuset of America." The mystery is solved!
  2. Alicianickjay

    Help identifying Le Creuset

    Thanks IndyRob, that's sweet! Curls, those raised lines are what throws me off the most. I can't find another pot with them. Maybe I will email LC to see what they say.
  3. Alicianickjay

    Help identifying Le Creuset

    I suppose the only reason I question it is because I haven't been able to find anything like it anywhere on the internet. With the lid it weighs between 9.5 and 10 pounds.
  4. Alicianickjay

    Help identifying Le Creuset

    Hello! My boyfriend recently bought this piece of (what he assumed was) Le Creuset for me off of Craigslist. He said the sellers seemed like honest folk and the piece looks authentic (to my untrained eye), but I've yet to find anything similar after some exhaustive Googling. I'm starting to think it's a fraud! Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks for reading!