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  1. Has anyone worked with the Agostoni chocolate couverture? Mainly interested in experience with moulding bonbons. I found a post here from 2012, but with only one reply, so I thought I’ll ask the question again. Agostoni is an Italian chocolate maker that apparently has been around since the late 40’s, but I only just heard about them, when I found out they have a supplier in my home country of Norway.
  2. How about grating your favourite couverture chocolate, and mix this with some milk powder? With milk powder added (or maybe not if you use milk chocolate couverture), your friends can then just spoon a certain amount of your mixture in their cup and add hot water from the kettle. I’ve tried using varieties of Callebaut and Valrhona mixed with hot milk. And I’m definitely continuing with Valrhona, not Callebaut. The Valrhona dissolves better in hot liquid is my experience. I’m working towards the goal of making a mix that gives a nice and convenient hot chocolate “powd
  3. Always inspiring to read and see pictures from so many talented people. We are two Norwegians who still have this as a hobby, but are expanding bit by bit. For this Easter, we got inspired by Europe’s political hot topic (and I have to say also mainly by my English wife’s idea) to make the Br-Eggs-It. It was a 12 cm (almost 5”) milk chocolate egg filled with four smaller egg varieties: “The passionate English rose” (England): Ruby and Valrhona Inspiration passionfruit “Scotch egg” (Scotland): Milk Chocolate with a cream egg filling (our version of the Cadburry Creme egg)
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