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  1. Always inspiring to read and see pictures from so many talented people. We are two Norwegians who still have this as a hobby, but are expanding bit by bit. For this Easter, we got inspired by Europe’s political hot topic (and I have to say also mainly by my English wife’s idea) to make the Br-Eggs-It. It was a 12 cm (almost 5”) milk chocolate egg filled with four smaller egg varieties: “The passionate English rose” (England): Ruby and Valrhona Inspiration passionfruit “Scotch egg” (Scotland): Milk Chocolate with a cream egg filling (our version of the Cadburry Creme egg) ”Dragon egg (Wales, who has the dragon in their flag): Valrhona Blonde chocolate “Irish cream” (Ireland): Dark chocolate with Bailey ganache (we tried first to make the little egg look like a pint of Guinness) For some reason the Norwegians didn’t quite pick up the pun, so most of the production was sold to ex-pats living in our town.