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    Not so , doubting Thomaso...
  2. Hadn't seen anything about whole lobsters in the thread - $4.99/pound at Market Basket today in Massachusetts. They were selling them prepackaged at the front of the store in bags of five 11/4 pounders, like bouquets of flowers, but if you have local knowledge you go to the back counter and nicely ask for the big boys. I turned down a ten pounder (yikes!), not sure if I would feel safe in my home. Settled on two 3 1/2 pounders. When I got home I remembered my big pot was elsewhere; CSO to the rescue! Did a little research, shoved'm into the oven one at a time and steamed them (210) for 30 minutes, checked the tails with a Thermopen looking for >160. Heavenly. Just the wife and I, second one broken down for a total of 400g meat, hello lobster rolls.
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