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  1. Viking Mixer Whip

    Thank you! I will def try that!
  2. Viking Mixer Whip

    Thank you - yes, I’ve been searching everywhere, including eBay. And I do treat the whip with care. It was so strange that it broke like it did. I see it has happened to many others too, so I don’t know. I love my mixer though. It appears that others aren’t sold on it at all.
  3. Viking Mixer Whip

    Hi - I have a 7 qtViking Mixer and the whip attachment has broken. The ‘tines’ have come unattached. I know they have discontinued the mixer - does anyone know where I can get a replacement? I read somewhere on here that someone else had the same problem and found a replacement, but I can’t message that person to see where he bought it. Any help would be so appreciated- thank you!