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  1. Interesting stuff. You should throw more.
  2. It is really fascinating topic for me. I am really seeking more posts regarding this. Keep it up
  3. Your suggested dishes seems different and delicious. I will try this
  4. Subway's Reuben sandwich

    Thanks, but I am not looking for it. I just contributed my experience.
  5. Subway's Reuben sandwich

    Subway's food is always fresh. Best part is favorite veggies can be added according to the eating quantity of person who is ordering within reasonable prices.
  6. Yeah that's so yumm! My sympathies for you Porthos!
  7. Worlds Largest Deliverable Pizza

    Slices will fell on the floor. Do not want to waste its even one slice. I want this pizza. Looks yummy.
  8. Uses for leftover cola?

    ROFL! That's the best idea to use cola.
  9. HELP!!-I never planned to be HERE

    It seems to be fun. You will get to know him better through cooking because there will be a great conversation between both of you. But please tell him already that you do not know cooking so that his kitchen do not explode.