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  1. Oh yes. They were good frozen. And never lasted more than a couple days. My mother has always been firmly in the Hydrox-were-better camp but I never got a chance to compare. Aren't Jaffa cakes the ones "with smashing orangy bits!" That killed us the first time we saw a package but I don't believe we were sober.
  2. I do Cherry Garcia is my favorite, but I've tried many of the other flavors and liked them as well. Oh yes. I meant that people will pay extra to go to the shop and get just a scoop because that prevents them from inevitably eating a full pint. It can't be helped. And I am amazed at how much the new one really does taste like brownie batter. The gritty aspects and everything.
  3. They're no longer on their product list but you can request verification here.
  4. Plain chocolate Hob Nobs. If they count.
  5. My first thought was that yes, I tend to be much more traditional and conservative for breakfast, but now that I've read the thread I've reconsidered. On a LA business trip, I did try the room service "traditional Japanese breakfast" with various pickled veg, salmon, and raw egg. It was great.
  6. Everything you ever needed to know about Ron Popeil and his products Ie, the award-winning Malcom Gladwell article.
  7. Has anyone found an easy way to mount under-counter lights to metal cupboards? I have the original-to-the-house 1950s type. They're much handier than wood for painting, but I dread drilling into them.
  8. Those inside out Oreos are inspiring others. Image from the company's own website.
  9. KNorthrup

    Marinating Meat

    Shamefully, the marinade is not from scratch and I'm not even home so I have no idea about the acid content. But it should be primarily soy sauce, sesame oil, and sugar. Some versions have rice wine or sherry but there won't be anything really serious like citrus or vinegar. I hope.
  10. Yesterday afternoon, I put some beef short ribs (sliced lengthwise so they're about 1/2" thick) and green onions in a Korean kal-bi type marinade. It now looks like I may not be able to cook them until tomorrow evening. Will it be a mushy disaster by then or just very flavourful?
  11. I use it in lentil soup when the weather cools. Also in the ways already mentioned -- shellfish, beans, potatoes, eggs. Wonderful stuff.
  12. I used to like it when the syrup got on the ham/bacon/sausage, but was careful to keep it away from the eggs. So it occurs to me that I actually eat scrambled eggs with mayo on a regular basis without fully realizing it and that's a bit disturbing. Specifically, a nearby Italian type sub place has the classic option of eggs, provolone and banana peppers and that has mayo. Does it always, or should it actually be oil & vinegar? This is the West coast so things aren't always traditional.
  13. Saw that (back when I had a TV.) It was great! He sounded and almost acted just like her. Ended up cutting himself (not really), blood all over the place and it was still Julia carrying on. Great piece. I've heard about it for years and would absolutely LOVE to see it! don't they re-run SNL on Comedy Central? Many video stores carry the various SNL "Best of" tapes, even for rental, and that is on the Dan Ackroyd version. It's also apparently episode 74 if you're doing TiVo or something. There are websites where you can watch video clips of SNL sketches. That's how I got to see Kevin Spacey doing Christopher Walken auditioning for Han Solo. But I can't remember the site name and it's impossible to search on dial-up. Sorry.
  14. KNorthrup


    It also nutritionally boosts that Chicken Voila stuff. Um, so I hear.
  15. My mother is an excellent cook. It's also one of her main hobbies. HER mother was hopeless (and will happily admit it) so it was a self defense thing. Usually I can only go home at Christmas but a couple years ago there was a big sale so I went for three days in October. My carry-on -- at her request -- was a cooler of all the ingredients for cassoulet and that's what we did for two days. She's in the same very small, very isolated town as Foam Pants, who can thus understand why it was necessary to import pretty much everything. The one caveat when we're cooking together however is that we each do our own thing and no questions/comments. Especially when knives are involved.
  16. Butter on egg or tuna salad sandwiches. I know it's to keep the bread from getting soggy but I don't find that a problem and I don't like what it does to the taste.
  17. That's right. They even suggested that in the ads - "you can freeze it and crack it or just unwrap it." My father used to freeze Big Hunks too.
  18. Bovinity Divinity. That was good. I tried the peanut butter core one and was very disappointed. Gave the rest away, in fact. It just tasted like a slightly off caramel.
  19. We used to do a side dish salad of grated carrots, finely finely minced onion, mayo, lots of black pepper, and frozen peas. It was crucial that the peas still be frozen and crunch.
  20. I'm amazed the paper did that. Keeping one advertiser can't be better than the inevitable publicity. Even from a strictly business sense and to heck with standards.
  21. The Scoop Shops here sometimes have flavours that the stores don't, so that's one incentive. You don't have to compromise on a flavour. And you don't eat a whole pint at a sitting. But no, it's not cost-effective. The "too heavy" pints would be glorious. I'm in the no such thing as too much stuff camp. Lived off the peanut butter cookie dough (in chocolate ice cream) one summer in college. For dinner, not in addition to. Never saw the pb&j. Sadly. The oatmeal cookie is definitely the current favourite, for all the reasons given.
  22. KNorthrup


    If you have more than enough to just eat out of the pods, they make a great substitute for limas in succotash.
  23. That was a running gag in Airplane too. I did something similar in college. Was raising the glass to my mouth when a friend walked in who - the last time I had seen him - had declared his beyond-platonic interest and been turned down and my mind sort of cramped and the glass tilted before it had actually reached my mouth and poured all over everywhere. He found it hilarious. Broke the ice, I guess. Draining pasta once I somehow completely missed the sink and my shorts-clad (unclad) thighs got a direct hit. Blistered like nobody's business.
  24. A local southern type restaurant does that as an appetizer. And very well. There was a recipe recently in I think Food & Wine that used fried green tomatoes as the T part of a BLT, along with a spicy mayo.
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